How to do Cornrows on a Short Angled Bob

  • Cornrow braids
  • Short hair with cornrow braids
  • Angled bob

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1. What you will need: Bobby pins, Clips and combs, Hairspray and styling products
2. Note that we’re using dry hair that has been washed and blow dried. The hair should be smooth and relatively flat. If your model’s hair has a bit of a wave or curl to it, use your flat-iron to straighten the hair accordingly.
Remember to always use a heat-protection product when applying any heat techniques to the hair. This is paramount, as it is always one of the main responsibilities of the stylist to cause as little damage to the hair as possible.
  • Smooth and flat hair
  • Preparing hair to braid it
  • Draw hair section with a comb
  • Three strand braid

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3. Create a slight side-part in the model’s hair, and comb the hair to get rid of any knots or kinks that might be present. When you’re preparing the hair to braid it, one of your main concerns will always be to get the surface of the hair as smooth and knot-free as possible, as this will ensure that you braid it easily and the end product will be enhanced.
4. Use the sharp end of your tail comb and draw out a two inch section spanning at a slight angle, from a slightly off-centre forehead base-point towards the ridge of the occipital bone. Clip this section with a clip if you need to do so, and perfect the parting for enhanced aesthetical value. The partings should be straight and near as perfect as possible.
5. Do a three strand braid with this section, starting at the base point which is a slightly off-centre forehead region, and working your way towards the occipital bone area. The hair is short, and there isn’t a lot of volume of hair to work with.
Keep your tension control as tight as possible over the hair strands, and try to braid as tight as possible. When you have completed the braid, secure it with a bobby pin at the tip of the structure.
  • Creating cornrow braids
  • Cornrow braids for short hair
  • Tease hair for volume
  • Bob with braids

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6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 to create the next braid. Be careful not to disturb the braid that you have already completed. Secure this second braid with a separate bobby pin, to keep it from falling loose. You can spray the braids with a medium or strong hairspray to help keep the hair in place. Just take care to concentrate the hairspray on the braids only, as you don’t want the rest of the hair to be tacky or hard.
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