Tactile Rituals by Keune

New hairstyles and new hair colors
Sometimes you need to go back in order to move forward. Keune’s collection is inspired by the growing movement to put down the smartphone and make things the good old-fashioned way: with your own two hands. Keune's collection, "Tactile Rituals," is inspired by Ilham Mestour, Kimm Koffijberg, and the Keune International Academy Team.
This collection launches two new fashion shades. Each look consists of one coloring technique, one cutting technique, and two styling variations. In total, the collection presents six styles to inspire the hairdresser and customer.
NEW TINTA COLOR 9.15 Very Light Ash Mahogany Blonde:
Pixie cut with a vintage pink tint
Pixie cut with styling for an evening out
Vintage Pink - This color is inspired by summer nights spent in the South of France with a bottle or two of Provence's finest rosé.
NEW TINTA COLOR 4.19 Medium Matt Brown:
Long brown hair, worn loose
Updo for long brown hair
Inked Brown - The joy that a handwritten letter with a classic fountain pen brings is the inspiration for this hair color. This one is for all the letter writers out there!
Fashionable man with brown hair
Brown men's hair styled away from the face
Vinyl Vibes - The crackling and rich sound of vinyl combine to transport you to audio heaven - this color is inspired by the nostalgic feel of vinyl.
Photos: Keune