Holiday Hair Ideas

It's a holiday tradition ...
First, we fill our calendars with holiday events and parties. Then we fill our minds with thoughts about how we're going to put together a fabulous outfit and hairstyle for all those gatherings.
Here are some simple solutions, courtesy of - where you'll find exciting ways that go well beyond wigs to "borrow" a favorite style or achieve that salon-fresh appearance. All created to accommodate your hectic schedule, whether you have 10 minutes, 20 minutes, or a bit more.
If you have 10 minutes...
10 minutes work holiday hairstyles
1. Create a chic chignon: Subtle yet sophisticated, this is the must-have hairpiece for instant glamour. A bun draws attention to the back of the neck and looks ultra-sexy with low-back dresses. This variation is also super easy since the bun and wrapped braid securely attach with a hidden comb. For added effects, incorporate jeweled hair accessories or tiny, shiny beads.
2. Go straight for the curls: "Just gorgeous." That's the impression these romantic curls evoke. Flowing naturally from the top of your head (thanks to a flexible net base with a locking drawstring and twin combs), this unique hairpiece allows you to achieve an easy yet elegant look quickly.
3. Take the headband to new heights: The headband is making a major comeback and is better than ever when there's a cascade of waves tumbling from it. A luxurious velour band anchors the extension - all you need to do is blend it behind your own hairline and enjoy the compliments!
If you have 20 minutes ...
20 minutes work holiday hairstyles
1. Rock an effortless hairstyle: Nothing is more attractive than gorgeous hair that appears effortlessly stunning. Achieve this relaxed look with a cascade of soft, alluring curls that tuck into your hairline and blend seamlessly. For a festive touch, gather the ends into a loose ponytail and secure it with a large satin ribbon.
2. Treat yourself to a complete transformation: Parties are the perfect opportunity to try-on a new you. What better present than this versatile full-head wig that easily slips over your natural hair to create a sensational appearance. Made from 100% human hair, it can be styled just like your own, allowing you to embrace your naughty or nice side!
If you have 30 minutes...
30 minutes work holiday hairstyles
1. Admire the length: Gorgeous long locks are now within reach for everyone, even those with short hair, thanks to these exceptional human hair extensions. Blended with your own hair, they provide a dramatically believable length that might even land you a kiss under the mistletoe!
2. Embrace Hollywood's golden era: Early movie stars had a knack for exuding both sultriness and demureness simultaneously, thanks to styles like these. This iconic look is making a comeback, and you can achieve it effortlessly with this full wig featuring soft layers and plenty of elegance. The paparazzi is ready and waiting!