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Holiday Hair Ideas

It's a holiday tradition ...
First we fill our datebooks with holiday events and parties. Then we fill our heads with thoughts about how we're going to pull together a fabulous look and hairstyle for all those fetes.
Here, some easy answers, compliments of - where you'll find exciting ways that go well beyond wigs to "steal" a favorite style or create that great stepped-from-the salon look. All designed to fit your busy schedule whether you have 10 minutes, 20 minutes, or a little more.
If you have 10 minutes ...
1. Create a chic chignon
2. Go straight for the curls
3. Take the headband to new heights
  • chignon
  • holiday hairstyle with curls
  • hair styled with headband
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If you have 20 minutes ...
1. Get a nonchalant hairstyle
2. Indulge in a total makeover
  • nonchalant holidays hairstyle
  • human hair wig
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If you have 30 minutes ...
1. Take a long look
2. Bring back Hollywood's heyday
  • human hair extensions
  • full wig
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