Hair Art by KSFH

Dramatic hair
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The "Hair Art" Collection by KSF Hair is nothing more, and nothing less than hair as a textile art medium. These are not your everyday styles, these are styles that show the possibilities of what hair can become.
The styles are bold, dramatic and very structured. Combining elements of shape, color, and texture, the hair is molded into what can only be described as works of artistic expression.

Soft Woolen Texture

Backcombed hair with a soft woolen texture
This model's sable mane has been styled to maximize texture and volume. The cut is asymmetrical, with some layers, and styled featuring a center parting in the foreground of the top section of the head. The length is given a kinky-wave texture and backcombed/ruffed to create a full, almost topiary shape on the head.
One side features a more-rounded shape, which is countered on the opposite side by an elongated, elliptical shape. Note how the soft, woolen texture created for the hair is echoed in the thick, soft, woolen weave of the fabric of the bolero-style jacket the model wears.

Silver Screen Hairstyle

Silver screen hairstyle with curl
This style hearkens back to the glamour days of the silver screen: those early years when raven-haired vamps with coal-lined eyes used their smoky gazes to lure the unwary bachelor to his doom.
This symmetrical style, created using a blunt-cut, center-parted base cut, is created by rolling the hair off base to that the portions nearest the scalp retain their smooth, low-volume positioning, while the ends expand into a full bloom of curl. A little backcombing helps to fluff out the curl and perfect the shape.

Gothic Hairstyle

Gothic hairstyle with wavy curls
Dramatic and gothic, this asymmetrical, highly-styled creation starts with very wavy curls, divided into corner-placed ponies. The loose ends of the hair are then teased, wrapped, loosely-coiled and piled into an overbalanced design that is almost topiary in appearance.
The contrast - between the smoothly-divided forward sections and the overlay of wavy strands flowing across and around and up along the head - is accentuated by the interplay of highlights within the wavy ends of the hair.
Hair: KSFH Creative Team - Slovenia
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