Sleekly Styled Hair with a Knot

Another dramatic look is evident with this sleekly-styled hair. It is side-parted, smoothed down, and gathered into a knot at the nape of the neck. The golden blonde hair shines in this chic style.

The makeup is equally dramatic, featuring neatly groomed brows, sharply defined eyelids, and bold ruby red lips. All of this is applied on a light, even base of foundation with soft pink contouring.
The hair and makeup perfectly complement the sleek and shimmering dress seen here. The dress has a high collar and halter neck design, and it is shaped like an hourglass. It is made of a silky, satin-finish fabric in a metallic blue color. The dress flows gracefully, emphasizing clean lines, while also hugging and accentuating the body's curves.
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