Photos of Modern Short Haircuts (15)

Are you ready for hair liberation? Cutting your hair short can be a freeing experience. From blunt or angled bobs to pixie cuts and everything in-between, short hair is elegant, comfortable and refreshing. These photos of modern short haircuts will have you reaching for the nearest pair of scissors.
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  • Edgy short haircut with choppy cutting lines and sideburns
  • Back view of a precision bob with a concave cut neck section
  • Sleek short haircut with convex and concave shapes
  • Short bob with curved front angles and very short bangs
  • Blonde pixie with curls that frolic around the head
  • Short brown hair with blue streaks and wedge shape sides
  • Hairstyle with a combination of a sleek bob and a short pixie crop
  • Short haircut with straight lines and triangular sideburns
  • Short women's hairstyle with a graduated neck and a short fringe
  • Mid-ear blonde hair with a long fringe and green streaks
  • Pixie cut with the bangs and crown styled into curls
  • Combination of a pageboy and a classic bob
  • Boyish short haircut with gel styling for women
  • Wet look styling for a bob with graduation
  • Short white hair with a lot of texture
  • Short mussed up hair with flipped up and out ends
  • Short blonde bob with a soft edge and a smooth fall
  • Short haircut that makes the neck look longer
  • Bob with the ends of the hair styled outward
  • Neat short hairstyle with a very short fringe
  • Wild hairstyle with gelled sections and a lot of movement
  • Short hairstyle with the hair styled diagonally across the face
  • Short copper color hair with curls and a long neckline
  • Short haircut with pointed sides and low bangs
  • Short point-cut hair with a lot of volume and movement
  • Red hair cut into short a style with versatile bangs
  • Easy short hairstyle with sides that barely touch the ears
  • Short haircut with a longer neck section and sides that curve inward
  • Short feminine crop for blonde hair
  • more short hairstyles

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