Hairstyles, Hair Care & Fashion

Samuel Rocher

Hairstyles Fall/Winter 2011/2012

  • short male hairstyle
  • classy look for men
  • reddish brown hair
  • golden hair
  • power cut
  • glamorous short hair
  • sassy short hair cut
  • hair with volume
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Men and women can look forward to a lustrous fall / winter season. Equipped with the amazing styles and colors by Samuel Rocher in their hair, all gears are set on fashion, glamour and charisma. Texture and curls are essential elements just as the stunningly rich colors ranging from deep reds to brown, gold and divine platinum.
Each style is filled with a unique internal structure providing volume and a surface that will turn heads and invite to further investigation. The hairstyles come in all lengths, except for the men, who are wearing their hair above the ears. Sorry guys, but women still have more fun with their hair.
video Hair: Samuel Rocher Team
Photographer: Pedro Pacheco
Make Up: Elodie Fiuza
Stylist: Marta Espadas