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Nouvelle Art

Filippo Sepe

The early nineteen hundreds was a time of great accomplishment in psychology and science along with a dramatic evolution in social, cultural, artistic and aesthetic ideologies. This reinterpretation of that historical time by stylist Filippo Sepe embraces its spirit yet, creatively re-elaborates with modernity.
In particular the famous painter, sculptor Livornese Amedeo Modigliani inspired Filippo through his choice of feminine subjects and his highly developed use of style, texture and color. It seems almost as if the painter in the realisation of his portraits anticipated an opulent, sensual, yet casual and in control evolution in femininity.
  • short back and sides haircut
  • glamour girl-next-door look
  • mimicked short hair
  • hairdo with tight knots
  • short fringes
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Filippo interprets these influences creating layered haircuts with dramatic yet soft fringe and facial contours, soft feathering within strong geometric shapes, long rebellious curls and volume contained within severely blunt and angular perimeter lines. Femininely stylish up-dos, tight to the head created with strong holding gels, hair sections are twisted, knotted and intertwined to form geometric repetitive internal designs that flow beautifully around the head.
Beautifully modern, lively, eternally rich and elegant hair colors and hues are all blended together through modern product and technique to create an unforgettable array of natural tones that exalt and highlight the feathery textures and strong shapes presented in this collection.
"Nouvelle Art" depicts a lively, energetic, light hearted yet enigmatic femininity. A fusion of two currents in artistic expression.
Hair: Filippo Sepe
Creative & Technical Director: Filippo Sepe
Photo: Stevn Thomas
Make up: Alessandra Barlaam
Styling: Nila Agency Milano
Products: Bes Beauty & Science
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