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Sassoon Academy

Salon International 2010

The traditional Sassoon Quality comes in 6 shapes. Sassoon Academy took the signature Sassoon short cuts with their geometric and at the same time organic and rounded shapes and added a visionary edge and a few other surprises. Based on the famous bob, these new looks are not your mama's hairstyles, but a new generation of trendsetting looks.
  • bob covering the ears
  • short precision haircut
  • base of the neck bob
  • short haircut with geometry
  • haircut with various lengths
  • super short bob

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Precision is the Sassoon way that makes a hairstyle look great in the salon but also after you come home and each time you wash it, these graphical stunners are made to last. Corners, arches and triangles alternate with overlapping, strictly outlined layers.
The hair colors have a dramatic intensity, not by being bright, but instead subdued and concentrated. Black, extreme platinum and a mysterious red tone are on the palette and either applied uniformly or in contrasting layers.
Hair: Sassoon Academy for Salon International 2010
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