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The Fierce Child

Davines Color Collection

Tim Hartley and Kiyoshi Inoue are the two stylists that are behind this great collection of hairstyles. Known as "The Fierce Child" this collection takes hairstyles to a new level of art form. The two hairstylists got their inspiration for this collection from the artwork of Nicholas Taylor and Jean Michel Basquiat. They also use "Gray" the New York Band for further inspiration for the project.
short haircut to make a statementThe collection is a great combination of Inoue's bold approach that he is well known for and Hartley's wonderful stylistic depth. The Fierce Child collection captures an extreme intensity that is not achieved very often in the art of hairdressing.
Hartley and Inoue use a series of photographs of portraits done by Basquiat to create an expressive intensity to the styles. The hairstyles are all a sequence of balance between a clear artistic vision and an abstract sense of minimalism.
The cuts of these styles are geometrical and structured. The cuts are very precise and difficult to achieve as a precise texture must be achieved to pull off the style. An interplay between the sharp cuts and the gentleness of the subjects gives these styles its depth and tension.
The colors that are used for these haircuts are what truly set them apart. All of the styles are based on blonds that are obtained through a palette from Davines Mask series 11 and 12.
Hair: Tim Hartley and Kiyoshi Inoue for Davines
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