Photos of the Latest Short Hairstyles (16)

Rocking a short haircut is both stylish and comfortable. From a blunt cut bob, to earlobe length or a pixie, lopping your hair off can feel extremely liberating. If you're considering going for the chop, take a look at these inspiring photos of the latest short hairstyles for girls and women.
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  • Short hairstyle with a round back and thick bangs
  • Easy to wear short haircut with jagged edges
  • Square bob with a blunt cutting line along the chin
  • Short hair with deconstruction and a radical shape
  • Shimmery red hair with tapering along the nape
  • Short hairstyle with a blocked off nape section
  • Blonde bob with box-layers and bed-head styling
  • Purple hair cut into a choppy pixie
  • Short bob with razor cut ends and wispy layers
  • Pixie cut with steep layering and elongated lines
  • Bob haircut with textured layers and a longer section
  • Short hairstyle with an asymmetrical shape and a metallic gray hue
  • Cheek length bob with box layering and textured bangs
  • Pixie cut with elongated tapering in the nape
  • Short cropped cut for platinum blonde hair
  • Short hairstyle with jagged edges and one exposed ear
  • Short hairstyle with a very short neckline and diagonal bangs
  • Collar length hairstyle with long layers
  • Short hair with spiky styling and punk elements
  • Short hairstyle with a graduated neck and long top hair
  • Short hairstyle with full bangs and layers that increase in length from the neck
  • Punk haircut with the neck shaved into a V-shape
  • Short platinum blonde hair with layers and bounce
  • Short haircut with a feathery neck section
  • Classic short bob with a longer front and a blunt cut fringe
  • Very short hairstyle for women with straight hair
  • Asymmetric mod hairstyle with a single shoulder length tendril
  • Shaggy neck-length haircut with box-layering and point-cutting
  • Short brown hair with a blue color effect in the fringe
  • more short hairstyles

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