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Sweet Chestnut

Seductive Hairstyles by Anne Veck

Earthy glamour comes easy with the flamboyant femininity of Anne Veck's collection of seductive hairstyles in various tones of precious browns.
  • brown hair with streaks
  • long chestnut hair
  • hairstyle with spiral curls
  • voluminous updo
  • short hairstyle with contrast
  • short hair with motion
  • hairstyle with a very short neck
  • hair directed across the face
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Straight lines or exuberant curls are accompanied by exquisite textures in short or long and a sinfully beautiful range of warm colors applied with refined techniques that support the movement of the hair and bring depth and an extra dimension to each shape.
Colors are warm and natural, but always come in their most intense incarnation. The hues never overpower a style but support it by adding definition and a velvety glow to the intricate design.
Hair: Anne Veck
Styling: Charlotte Woodly
Make-up: Cheryl Corea
Photography: Charlotte Kibble
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