Sweet Chestnut by Anne Veck

Hairstyles for chestnut color hair
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Earthy glamour comes easy with the flamboyant femininity of Anne Veck's collection of seductive hairstyles in various tones of precious browns.
Straight lines or exuberant curls are accompanied by exquisite textures in short or long and a sinfully beautiful range of warm colors applied with refined techniques that support the movement of the hair and bring depth and an extra dimension to each shape.
Colors are warm and natural, but always come in their most intense incarnation. The hues never overpower a style but support it by adding definition and a velvety glow to the intricate design.

Caramel Streaks

Long chestnut brown hair with caramel streaks
Bright caramel streaks bring light to the dark chestnut base hair color and more dimension to the straight and sleek long hairstyle.
Simple lines keep the hair in a modest shape with a center part and a no frills fall to provide an even canvas for the coloring. Tapered edges are tip-textured for softness.

Flipped Layers

Long chestnut hair with layers and outward flips
Long layers were cut with volume in mind, and this comes in the stunning shape of large outward flips. While the face is framed by the smooth lines of a side swept fringe and long cascading sides the rest of the hairstyle is shaped by upward curves with smoothly textured tips.
The hair color is a dark chestnut, as shiny as it comes, which is enhanced by smoky highlights, just a couple of hues lighter.

Hair Style with Large Curls

Short hairstyle with large spiral curls
Large curls, small curls, spiral curls, round curls - an eclectic gathering of all shapes and sizes is the magic this breathtaking hair style is made out of. What all curls have in common is a clear definition, enhanced even more by a play of colors in light and dark earthy browns.
Cigar and chestnut tones with a touch of caramel do their part to display the curly curves to their best advantage and potential.

Updo with Curls

Voluminous updo with curls
Dazzling and luxurious with its different textures and piled high design - this updo is not for the faint of heart. The sultry eye-catcher boasts a serious mass of voluminous curls, all rolled in a variety of sizes, some well defined and others slightly deconstructed.
The quiet in the storm comes in the shape of the smooth fringe, placed diagonally across the forehead. The warm, dark brown base color was infused with a radiant berry tone to make this exquisite creation of earthy luxury even more tempting.

Short Hair with Frothy Curls

Short hairstyle with frothy curls
A great surge of frothy curls sweeps up asymmetrically with a thick and structured fringe and smaller curls around the crown. There is one direction of all movement, and it is a generous one. Sides and back are short and smooth, an energizing contrast.
Lots of vibe is also created by the hair color, which is a mélange of dark chestnut with highlights in bright and cheerful berry tones.

Short Hair with High Volume

Short hair styled for high volume
Two totally different short styles were connected to one with a stunning result. The momentous front is full of sensuous motion and high volume supported by a couple of handfuls of sweeping curls.
The back and sides are cut with precision and sleekness presenting the refined combination of chestnut and berry colors in its shiniest form.

Textured Wedge

Wedge hairstyle with a very short neck
The very art nouveau shape is softened by a textured line along the edges which come together as a steeply angled point below the right cheekbone. The diagonal, eye-covering fringe is rebellious and just a little retro.
With the very short neck and the slightly tousled structure, the whole hairstyle has a fun and sexy appearance.

Diagonal Fringe

Short cut with the hair directed across the face
The short hairstyle from the previous picture got a new direction and a totally new feel to it. Instead of the steep sweep into the face, the hair is now directed from right to left in a diagonal motion across the face, revealing both eyes but still keeping its revolutionary edge. The brown and berry color combination adds a great deal of flavor as well.
Hair: Anne Veck
Styling: Charlotte Woodly
Make-up: Cheryl Corea
Photography: Charlotte Kibble
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