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Sexy in the City

Mod's Hair

  • feathery haircut
  • short hair swepted into the face
  • short bob
  • above the brows fringe
  • super short hair
  • short feathery haircut
  • short blonde bob
  • short haircut with long top hair
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Sexy hair comes in any length and it is not the color or the anatomy of the cut that makes it so irresistible. It may be as simple as just the attitude of the women who wear a well cut style or perhaps it is the texture and the touchable, tousled styling. Mod's hair brought together four short haircuts, each one styled in two ways, which all turn up the heat and the chic in the city and beyond.
Androgynous lines and classic designs are a part of the collection as are a lot of passionate movement, soft styling and extremely touchable surfaces. This gem of a collection is also infused with elegance and urban sophistication, a touch of luxury and high design of hair. All in all, a group of hairstyles that creates the desire to wear them or at least to be close to them.
Hair: Olivier de Vriendt for Mod's Hair
Make-up: Karine Belly
Clothes: Corinne Cobson
Photography: Guillaume BĂ©rard
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