Short and Very Short Female Hairstyles (20)

We all long for comfortable and easy to manage hair, yet many women never dare to go short. If you have ever thought about whether short hair is for you, the answer is most likely yes. Check out these cute short and very short hairstyles that we are very thrilled about.
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  • Short blonde 1960s hair with curls
  • Pixie cut with the hair styled towards the front
  • Short hairstyle with layers and long bangs
  • Short haircut with asymmetry and long diagonal bangs
  • Short haircut for curly blonde hair
  • Choppy short haircut with longer hair on one side
  • Blonde pixie cut with spiked layers and a jagged appearance
  • Short hairstyle with one side cut above the ears
  • Pixie cut with long twisted bangs
  • Sleek chin length bob that hugs the face
  • Short chin caressing bob cut with multiple hair colors
  • Short hairstyle with thick and full blonde curls
  • Chin-length bob with angled bangs for auburn hair
  • Chin-length bob with curls for a casual romantic appeal
  • Blonde layered pixie cut with bangs that cover the eyes
  • Extravagant short haircut with very pointed sideburns
  • Practical and versatile above the ears haircut for women
  • Short blonde hair with a round silhouette
  • Very short hairstyle with bangs and textured ends
  • Spiky pixie cut with punk elements
  • Chin length bob with full bangs for reddish blonde hair
  • Short haircut with a covered nape and roundness
  • Very short layered haircut with contrast between the hair lengths
  • Short layered hair with curls and 1930s elements
  • Trendy short hairstyle with a lot of texture
  • Sleek combed back bob with a 1960s appeal
  • Casually styled short hair with volume on the crown
  • Punk inspired pixie cut with soft spikes
  • Blonde Mohawk style with very short sides for women
  • more short hairstyles

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