Glitzy Secrets Hair Accessories

Vintage hair accessories
The power of hair accessories is well known and Glitzy Secrets makes it easy to turn your simple upstyle into a creation fit for a queen. Get your regal make-over for your wedding, wear them at the opera or at other formal events. The hair accessories featured in this collection are vintage inspired and made out of the finest Austrian crystals and pearls.
While they look like priceless jewelry, they are a very affordable luxury, that will adorn you with charm and sparkles. The hairstyles shown are beautiful chignons, a traditional bridal look. You don't need long hair to wear those gorgeous hair combs and tiaras, as a short look in the collection demonstrates.

Flowers and Pearls

Bridal chignon and a 1940s inspired hair comb with flowers and pearls
The Pearl Fleur Hair Comb by Glitzy Secrets is a 1940s inspired floral hair comb that she combined with the Eternal Elegance Earrings. The romantic floral design is more playful than dramatic, but it has enough impact to turn her simple updo into a most festive bridal look.
The long hair was parted in the center and then softly gathered in the back. Rolled to a chignon with soft flowing sides it expresses elegance of the highest order.

The Eternal Rose

Rose themed hair accessory with a silk flower, crystals and pearls
Roses are the flowers of love and what would be more fitting for your special day, than a rose themed hair accessory? The central element of the Petals of Eternity Hair Flower is a silk rose surrounded by leaves sparkling with precious Austrian crystals and softly shimmering pearls. The movement in the design of the hair accessory complements the flow of the hair.
Parted in the center the even sides where brought back and then rolled together with the rest of the long hair to form this gentle shape. Fine highlights in the light brown hair accentuate the beautiful shape of this divine look.

Festive Gatsby Look

1920s hair comb and a bob with finger waves for a Gatsby loo
The Deco Vine Hair Comb, a 1920s inspired comb with crystals and pearls along its opulent vines is a precious addition to the short bob, styled with retro finger waves to match the decade. The chin length black hair is parted on the side, with the hair comb attached to the front edge of the smaller section to accentuate the small waves.
The Silver Screen Beauty Earrings with the dangling drop shape are the perfect addition to round off this adorable style.

Tiara in Short Bob

Gatsby look with a short bob, vintage waves and a tiara
Glow like never before with an exquisite Gatsby style Tiara. The diamond like shimmer of the crystals stands out breathtakingly against her black hair. The vintage look of the Twenties Treasure Side Tiara is perfect for her chin short retro bob.
The waves are uniform and soft with more focus on shape than on creating volume. They can be created with the finger wave technique, a curling iron or the old fashioned but very handy finger wave clamps, that just need to be clipped into the damp hair, while it dries.

Pearly Rose

Updo with a side tiara with a rose and crystals
Tiny pearls encrust the petals and leaves of a large rose, which is attached to a three part head band studded with very reflective crystals. This floral crown sits on an asymmetrical updoe with a beautiful chignon. The hair is soft and not too perfect in its texture. This is very much deliberate.
The long hair was taken to one side and a loose bun was shaped and pinned. The base of it is wrapped with a band of her own hair. Understatement in the hairstyle and the precious simplicity of the Eternal Elegance Earrings are a beautiful addition to the perfection of the 1940s side tiara and her dress.

Braided Chignon with Floral Accessory

Braided chignon and a bridal headpiece with a flower
Flower of Elegance is the name of this bridal headpiece by Glitzy Secrets, but could also stand for the entire look. The scalloped edge of her wedding dress is repeated in the shape of the hair accessory that vines with its tiny floral accents around the center ivory colored rose. Similar curves are also found in the low set, braided upstyle.
The chignon is braided, just for a couple of sections, to add the woven effect. Unsurpassed beauty in every strand!

Butterflies and a Rose

Headpiece with a white rose and butterflies
White organza and crystals give an ethereal beauty to the Beautiful in Bloom Headpiece, a vintage inspired soft hair flower set on a floral headpiece encrusted with sparkling Austrian crystals along its vines and leaves. Two small butterflies frolic on the petals and dazzle with the crystal radiance of their wings.
This headpiece alone turns an elegant upstyle with a woven, low sitting bun into a picture of eternal beauty. Soft and feminine, doused in luxury, she is ready for her big day. A dramatic headpiece like this looks best with small jewelry and a subtle make-up.

Exotic Hair Jewelry

1920s hair jewelry with an exotic forehead piece
A floral crown and a large pear shaped crystal sit on her forehead for a festive and exotic look of infinite beauty for the day of her life. The Yester Year Forehead Piece by Glitzy Secrets was inspired by the fabulous styles of the 1920s. This radiant adornment has a long chain which circles the head and looks especially bright against her dark hair.
The hair was shaped to a loose bun, arranged asymmetrically on one side. To add to the vintage flavor she put on her Classic Starlet Earrings. Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but Austrian crystals are equally dazzling for a much more affordable price.

Soft Updo with a Tiara

Wedding updo with a silken rose and ivory faux pearl accents
It is time for romance. How better to express the spirit of this special day, than with a vintage inspired asymmetrical tiara adorning her beautiful and ultimately elegant updo. The Vintage Rose Side Tiara features a silken rose, surrounded by ivory faux pearl accents.
Playful and precious with the reflection of all of the stars in the sky, this sparkling hair accessory is a celebration of beauty.

Large Flower on Chignon

Chignon and a hair accessory with a large flower
Timeless Petals is the name of the this beautiful hair accessory, a vintage inspired light ivory open flower on a delicate Austrian crystal encrusted headpiece. The large rose with its pearl and crystal center is surrounded by the dainty dazzle of even more crystal which flare out to accentuate the expertly created bun.
Her chignon is partially braided to give it this pretty shape and the long hair on the side softly swings to the back in a wide, face hugging curve. Simply precious.

Headpiece with a Veil

Soft chignon and a vintage headpiece with a tiny veil
Veils have a certain mystery that can only be experienced. Even a tiny veil as this tulle overlay that is attached to the Timeless Petals Headpiece by Glitzy Secrets.
Vintage flair galore, with a hint of modesty and the luxury of the crystal encrusted silver leaves will make them hold their breath when she walks down the aisle. Three silky ivory petals complete the arrangement that adorns her beautiful soft chignon style.

Floral Splendor on Elegant Updo

Updo with a transparent organza gardenia flower
The large gardenia is crafted from light, transparent organza and sits upon a headpiece of shiny pearls and the amazing Austrian crystals. This Flower of Romance headpiece adds glamour and irresistible vintage beauty to the modest updo.
A low curve of hair frames the face on the side and her slender neck is accentuated by a low sitting, soft chignon. A traditional and very appealing look for brides with a romantic side and a love for pure elegance.

Statement Head Band

1920s vintage headpiece with silken flowers
Leaves and petals with their silken radiance are topped with crystal and pearl encrusted flowers and vines. This Beautiful Romance Headpiece with its 1920s vintage flair is a true statement of floral opulence to turn her into the queen of hearts for a day.
With this much drama in the accessory it is best to wear the hair in a simple style, which does not compete with it. The low bun in her nape and simple lines all around are the ideal base for this much of sparkling exuberance.

Small Crystal Hair Comb

Woven updo and a 1940s inspired hair comb with crystals
The Vintage Sparkle Hair Comb has a more modest size, but does not lack in effect. Especially on dark hair the 1940s inspired Austrian crystal hair comb with its clear luster and the balanced floral design stands out to seduce with its charm and purity.
Her hair is formed to a smooth, round and elegantly woven updo. The retro shape is modernized with a distinct surface texture and the intricate wrapping of the bun with strands of her own hair.

Grand Style for Weddings and More

Wedding hairstyle with a hair flower
Add a playful, intricate and so very adorable hair flower to your festive hairstyle. The Enchanting Peony Headpiece comes with plenty of vintage appeal and innumerable Austrian crystals to turn any simple updo into a creation of luxury . A small ivory colored peony sits in a next of crystal encrusted leaves that are themselves enhanced with small pearls.
Her soft slung style is feminine, elegant and will be unforgettable because of its elegant simplicity.

Feathery Headpiece with Crystals

1920s vintage headpiece with white feathers and crystals
The white feathers that so delicately flare out of the silver and crystal headpiece look as if they were just taken from the famous ballet by Tchaikovsky. The aptly named Swan Lake Headpiece thrills with the 1920s vintage flavor and the symbolism of the endless loyalty, which swans have for their mates.
The effect of the costume jewelry on her dark hair is blindingly beautiful. It may look like a million, but as all of the other hairpieces in this collection, it fits even a small budget for a big, festive day.
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