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Rio's Most Beautiful Hair

Intercoiffure Mondial Hairstyles Collection

Rio is the city of seduction. With its numerous beaches and cult for fashion, the hairstyles offered in the Rio Collection are sensual and luxurious. The Intercoiffure Mondial Hairstyles Collection of Rio's most beautiful hair offers a collection that is simply stunning.
With the beach lifestyle in mind, this collection offers simple, gorgeous styles that will look good for a day on the beach or a night out on the town.
  • young long hair look
  • attractive long hair
  • long shag
  • sun-kissed hair
  • bohemian fashion
  • rock style
  • asymmetric haircut
  • urban fashion hairstyle
  • black short bob
  • dynamic short bob
  • ethno style
  • modern hair style
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Rio offers individuals the ultimate freedoms. From living a life of dancing the Samba to spending your life on the beach, Rio is truly a place to take it all in. When it comes to femininity, the women of Rio are the founders of it.
These hairstyles offer passion and beauty all found in one of the greatest tropical cities in the world.
Hairstyles Photos: © Intercoiffure Mondial
Elsa Haraldsdóttir, Co-ordinator Mondial
Mari Nicácio, ICD Brazil
Maurício Pina, ICD Brazil
Manno Escobar, ICD Brazil
Photography: Rob Peetoom
Make-up: Marcelo Hicho
Fashion Styling: Cristina Franco