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Hairstyles Created by COIFF1RST

The approach to true beauty taken by Coiff1rst is to discover the unique beauty of each individual woman. Each look of the new collection of highly fashionable haircuts and hairstyles has been created with the goal to reveal the inner beauty of women all over the world.
  • style with waves and a roll for long hair
  • up style with a sweeping curve
  • twisted style for long hair
  • updo with romantic curls
  • ravishing long hair with large waves
  • nostalgic long and spiraling hair
  • soft long hair style with waves
  • romantic up-style with curls
  • long healthy hair full of volume
  • natural style for long hair
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Coiff1rst understands beauty. And they understand hair. The creative teams of Coiff1rst have again blessed us with a collection of hairstyles that appear natural and effortless, but that are made with much skill, creativity, inspiration and most of all intuition and a deep understanding of how to bring classical elements into a new shape and surprise over and over again with styles that are stunning, but are never overwhelming. Instead they make the personality of each woman come through and shine.
The new collection boasts long hairstyles with a touch of romance, classic elements going back all the way to Madame Pompadour, waves, curls, updos and long, free flowing manes. The mix of elaborate elements and the natural and casual flow of the hair are enchanting and extremely flattering to women who are looking for a unique look that supports their own beauty without overpowering it.
The hair colors are in the blond, hazel and gold palette with also a very natural appeal and a skilled use of high and lowlights to support the texture and boost the dimension and optical volume of the hair.
Hairstyles: COIFF1RST - Paris