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Long hairstyles that look natural and effortless
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The approach to true beauty taken by Coiff1rst is to discover the unique beauty of each individual woman. Each look of the new collection of highly fashionable haircuts and hairstyles has been created with the goal to reveal the inner beauty of women all over the world.
Coiff1rst understands beauty. And they understand hair. The creative teams of Coiff1rst have again blessed us with a collection of hairstyles that appear natural and effortless, but that are made with much skill, creativity, inspiration and most of all intuition and a deep understanding of how to bring classical elements into a new shape and surprise over and over again with styles that are stunning, but are never overwhelming. Instead they make the personality of each woman come through and shine.
The new collection boasts long hairstyles with a touch of romance, classic elements going back all the way to Madame Pompadour, waves, curls, updos and long, free flowing manes. The mix of elaborate elements and the natural and casual flow of the hair are enchanting and extremely flattering to women who are looking for a unique look that supports their own beauty without overpowering it.
The hair colors are in the blond, hazel and gold palette with also a very natural appeal and a skilled use of high and lowlights to support the texture and boost the dimension and optical volume of the hair.

Long Hair, Curls and Waves

Long hairstyle with curls and a large roll of hair above the forehead
Calm over wild. Two types of waves are explored in this unique hairstyle for long hair. A natural curl helps to bring out the large waves, but rollers will do the job as well. The eye catching element of this spellbinding look is the large roll of hair that was stopped in its tracks on the left side above the forehead.
To keep it in shape the barrel, which can easily be formed with the help of a curling iron, was invisibly pinned and further fixated with some hairspray. What a great look for a woman who wants to show her romantic side, but with a modern fashion edge.

High Tide Up Style

Up style with the hair arranged in a large sweeping wave
A wave of hair that almost lets you hear the surf. A large swell of the ocean must have been the inspiration for this elegant and breathtaking up style. The honey blonde hair color has hazel and walnut lowlights and is lifted to new heights with accents in a light, sandy blonde. To create this hairstyle, that hair should at least be of shoulder length.
All is brushed over the head, teased intensely at the roots and in the upper third before it is gathered on top and arranged in a large sweeping curve. The hair is tucked in and pinned at the crown. Hairspray with a strong shine factor is the perfect finish.

Twisted Hair

Long hair seperated in two sections and twisted
A couple of simple twists can turn straight long hair into a sculpture of natural beauty and finesse. For this simplistic yet head turning hairstyle healthy long hair was blow dried over a flat brush while lifting it upwards to create volume and straightness at the same time.
While still lightly moist the hair was parted just a touch off the middle and separated in two sections that were twisted tightly. Once completely dry the hair remains in the twisted position and keeps its shape with the help of some, previously applied heavy hold mousse and a finishing touch off a strong hairspray.

Updo with Romantic Curls

Loose romantic updo with playful curls and waves
Nothing is more charming and romantic than an updo teeming with playful curls and waves. The special touch with this hairstyle is the loose and light treatment of the hair, which leads to the impression of a natural flow in organic shapes. No pins are visible and all looks as if it were created by merely the wind and the waves of the ocean. A most elegant look for the mermaids of today.
After the sides and the back sections were lifted up, coiled and invisibly pinned, the ends of the hair were shaped with a curling iron and arranged in a harmonious pattern on the crown and towards the nape. The color of the hair also has a very natural hue of darker ash blonde and light, shiny honey accents.

Ravishing Long Hairstyle

Ravishing long hairstyle with defined large waves and curls
Well defined large waves turn into beautiful curls in the lower part of this ravishing hairstyle. The hair has a natural flow that was helped along with some large rollers and the skilled use of a curling iron.
The base cut has a blunt line below the shoulders and the hair has all one length except for small sections in front that were slightly tapered to allow more movement and framing for the face.
The intensity of the movement increases from top to bottom and the result is a look of natural beauty but with the evidence of a great hair stylist that shows in the cut, the smoothness of the hair and the perfect harmony of the waves and curls.

Hair Styling with Nostalgia

nostalgic long and spiraling hair
A large downward barrel in the place of bangs is combined with spiraling ribbons of hair in this exciting hairstyle. A touch of nostalgia comes together with a modern approach to styling and shapes that were inspired by the forces of nature.
To keep the large roll of hair in place, thin bobby pins can be used to fasten the creation invisibly. After brushing them to softness and shine, the sides were first treated with a moisturizing but heavy hold mousse and shaped into ribbon spirals. These are then arranged with the fingers and fixed with a strong dose of hairspray.

Soft Flow

Very long hairstyle with a gentle flow of long waves
Everything about this very long hairstyle is soft. The base is healthy hair of one length that reaches the shoulder blades. The ends were slightly textured, just enough to create some lightness and volume. Large waves and a fabulous use of hair color take this mane to a fairy tale level. The gentle flow of the long waves can be created with a flat iron or a large barreled curling iron.
The most stunning feature however is the hair color. Layers and stripes on a range between a warm nutmeg, ash blonde, hazel and light beige blonde create incredible depth and dimension, with the darkest sections on the inside. Even though much technique was used to apply the color, the result is as natural as can be.

Romantic Updo

Romantic updo with curls
Romantic curls and a variety of knots and twists come together in this amazing updo. Again this hairstyle looks very organic and natural but it takes much skill and intuition to make it look this appealing. Long hair is parted into various sections that are lifted up and fastened in a range of creative shapes on the crown.
The pins are invisible to support the organic feel of this look. In the back and one the side a few long and wavy tendrils are allowed to play in the wind and add a romantic touch to the style.

Long Healthy Hair

Long healthy hair full of volume
What could be more luxurious than a long, healthy mane of hair full of volume? Here straight long hair was treated to the ultimate volume with a good cut, slightly textured ends, the help of a couple of good hair brushes, a diffuser, mousse, a little teasing and a curling iron. The hair was parted in a Z shape, adding some extra pizzazz to the look.
Part of the hair is visible teased while other sections are smooth and coiled into perfect inward curls. The play of darker and lighter color increases the visual volume even more. A little trick: bow head and mist hairspray from underside and towards the roots.

Natural Long Hair

Natural long hair with sweeping waves
Smooth long hairstyle in ash blonde
Smooth Vanilla color harmoniously blends into the deeper layers of a dark ash blonde, mocha hair hue. This exquisite play of color gives incredible dimension to the long, straight tresses that feature just slightly textured ends.
As a special effect with subtle finesse a section of hair on the crown was pulled over the middle partition from about one inch to the side. In front large, sweeping waves bring the forces of the wind and waves to this hairstyle, that is as beautiful as natural long hair can be.
Hairstyles: COIFF1RST - Paris
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