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Asif Yvette

The term unleashed, brings to mind the ideas of "no restrictions" and "no limitations"; and this collection embodies those ideas. There are no restrictions on the imagination that crafted these designs and there are no limitations on the concepts that formed the seeds of these styling ideas.
  • hair wrapped to mimick a scarf
  • ruffed and puffed up hair
  • ruffed hair
  • modernistic bob
  • high volume hairdo
  • full-volume updo
  • updo with bounce
  • short hair with curl
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The Asif Yvette Artistic Team brings us a collection of eight distinct looks that invoke classic imagery or use period inspiration without restrictions or limitations. These are hairstyles that take advantage of all the elements of texture, volume and shape and create modern looks that make you take a second glance when you see the inspiring ideas shining through. These are truly "Unleashed" styles.
Hair: Asif Yvette Artistic Team
Make-up: Hayley Britton
Photography: Richard Miles
Art Direction: Richard Miles