Casual Updos for Summer by Wellaflex

Hair updos for summer
Summer is approaching and it is time again for new, fresh looks and exciting adventures in the great outdoors! Just in time for the hot season wellaflex styling expert Sascha Breuer created two must-have trend styles that not only make you look your best at the outdoors brunch but also at a festive summer party.
"This season's upstyles are the absolute eye catchers," says the stylist. "And the best of all: They can be created in just a few steps at home and give each woman that special flair."
The Wella expert demonstrates step by step how an elegant braided style or a casual updo can be easily constructed by yourself and which products are essential for achieving great results.

Romantic Braided Style

Modern braided hair
Playful, feminine and modern at the same time: the braided look incorporates femininity and takes off years of all who wear it. The sections of hair appear to be worked on with much skill and effort and will add a special, luxurious touch to every outfit.
"Braided styles are always an eye catcher and are especially popular in summer, because they control the hair during the hot temperatures," explains wellaflex styling expert Sascha Breuer. "This loose, modern variation flatters every woman and is the perfect look for a stroll on the elegant boardwalk". Combined with an outfit in pastel colors, women can highlight their romantic side. In the evening, when worn with a leather jacket, this look turns into the eye catcher for the party.
This is how the hair is styled:
Preparation: To get healthy shine and protection from the heat of the blow dryer, wellaflex Style & Heatprotection 2-Phase Spray is applied to the hair before blow-drying it. The 2 phase sprays with ThermoFlex Technology offer protection from damaging heat up to 230 degrees and also nourish the hair with extra moisture.
Step 1:
Comb the hair and draw a deep side part on the left side. The back section needs to be secured with a pin.
Step 2:
The hair is separated in three strands at the upper onset of the part, then braided towards the right in a classic, cut loose pattern.
Step 3:
More and more strands are incorporated, so that a French braid emerges. Braid this all the way to the tips. Repeat the same technique on the left side.
Step 4:
You may tease the back section for additional volume. Now the entire hair is brought together with the French braid and braided together. Finally roll up the hair in the back of the head to a loose bun.
Step 5:
Create a summery playfulness by carefully pulling individual strands out of the hairstyle, spray wellaflex Shine & Hold on your finger tips and add accents to the hair. Then spray the entire head from a distance of about 8 inches with hairspray to give it shine and hold that will last all day long on the beach or in the office!

Beach Waves

Long hair with beach waves
Beach waves for a casual evening look.
The previous loose braided style can magically turn into easy and beautiful beach waves! To do this, open up the braids, shake the hair and gently comb through it with your fingers.
As a final touch the waves are fixated with wellaflex Shine & Hold. This all results in a casual and natural look for a summer party.

Elegant Messy Ponytail

Messy ponytail with volume
How to style the hair:
Step 1:
For volume and extra texture spray wellaflex Instant Volume Boost Gel-Spray in the hair and blow dry, for example with a Satin Hair 5 Hairdryer by Braun. Hint: Use a diffuser for this look to bring out the natural movement in the hair.
Step 2:
To get more volume tease the roots in the back of the head with a comb. Fine hair is improved with wellaflex Instant Volume Boost Hairspray, which also delivers an extra strong and lasting hold.
Step 3:
Section the hair in two parts in the neck and roll it in, slightly angled, at the level of the ears. Pay attention to have both sides come together in the neck for a side pony tail - this asymmetrical arrangement gives the hairstyle its modern twist.
Step 4:
Fasten the folded in sections invisibly with hairpins. Hint: The hairpins should have a similar color as the hair to give a very natural appearance to the style.
Step 5:
Shape the ponytail in the neck and fixate the style with wellaflex Instant Volume Boost Hairspray for flexible volume - this is how you can make the look last reliably for up to 24 hours, after which it can still easily be combed out.
Hair: Wellaflex