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Davis Bitton

Hair Up Collection

Davis Bitton has made a name for himself designing up-style and upscale hairdos for special occasion wear. Following the major trends of the coming season, his collection is a study in classic looks. These updos range from the soft and romantic, to the intricate and detailed. The hairstyles all feature clean lines and precision styling which reveal Bitton as a true master of his craft.
  • golden braid
  • updo with a smoothed foreground
  • filigree circlet
  • up-style with a starbust parting
  • princess hairstyle
  • Veronica Lake hairstyle
  • Rosemary Clooney hairstyle
  • princess look updo
  • elongated bun
  • classic snood inspired
  • updo with woven hair
  • Elizabethan Age updo
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The collection takes a small sample of themes and explores them fully, showing how subtle changes in the looks results in dramatic differences in the visual impact of the hairstyle. We'll see pretty princesses and silver screen sirens, with a smattering of delicately detailed debutante thrown in for good measure. No matter what kind of look you favor, there's something that will make you want to put your stylist on speed dial.
Hair: Davis Bitton
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