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Wedding hair
Amidst all the planning for this special day, take some time to think about your hair! As important as the perfect dress, the setting and all the other key elements, is the hairstyle you pick.
There are many amazing creations out there, and stylists tend to go overboard showing off their handy-skills to adorn, embellish and create the most elaborate works. The downside with many of those spectacular feats is that you might not be able to move, get a headache or be nervous about the whole thing disintegrating before you even cut the cake.
The new wedding collection by Intercoiffure Böhm.Haare! gives you four great options of refined, elegant looks that are ravishing and also comfortable to wear. Most important - they will be able to keep up with you on this special day.

Clear Lines

Wedding style for medium long, straight hair
Medium long, straight hair is the base for this festive look. It features clear lines with the distinct side partition and smooth surface. The hair is combed to the back where it is overlapped by the longer top and back hair which is tugged under and fastened right at the nape, shaping a mini-roll.
Flexible hold and anti frizz products are essential to keep this look together and as neatly styled as in the picture. The crowning glory comes in with a simple hairband in white.

Curly Pouf

Wedding hairstyle with curls
Get a dream look for your dream day! Curls are irresistible and impressive, especially when they are this well defined and piled up high. The basic cut is long and layered to provide the rounded volume and it is best to have a natural curl already in the hair.
If not, there are plenty of ways to add the twirling motion. All of the hair is pulled together just a touch to the side on the crown, from where it cascades in mesmerizing beauty down the side of the head. The light blonde together with the white gown and accessories bathes her in a glowing aura of diamond light.

Curly Romance

Comfortable wedding hairdo for hair with curls
These curls just vibrate with happy energy. Contagiously vivacious and romantic at the same time this is a style that will keep you dancing all day long. A bundle of large curls is gently pulled up to the top of the head and fasted with invisible elastic.
Tousled and squeezed into shape and treated with a flexible hold spray it is not only an easy to do style that looks spectacular, it also lasts and is comfortable to wear from morning to night.

Classic Twist

Classic wedding hairstyle with a chignon
If you prefer the more classic looks and have long, straight hair, this hairdo is a great option. The hair is parted elegantly on the side and combed tightly to the back where it is slung into a low-sitting chignon.
The special effects in this look are the overlapping sections of hair and visible bands of hair that show the construction of the knot. Highlights in the medium sandy blonde enhance the three-dimensional effect.
Hair: Patricia Normann and Artistic Team - Intercoiffure Böhm. Haare!
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