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Tracey Hughes

Def: a dangerously or irresistibly fascinating woman.
Texture, volume and oh-so-sexy artful dishevelment characterise, Circé the latest collection from multi award winning hairdresser, Tracey Hughes.
The collection features dynamic styling shapes with mussed hair ups atop strongly postured models. Wearing slightly androgynous yet flashy tailoring and with barely an inch of skin revealed these femme fatales are alluring-dangerously so!
Inspired by many eras including the naivety of the 40's, the striking beauty of the 50's, the structured strictness of the 60's, the glitz and glamour of the 80's, this collection defines high end fashion.
  • ponytail made in art
  • 1950s style
  • tousled mess of hair
  • hairdo with a zipper
  • bob with a swoosh
  • goth look
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Emerging hair trends show fundamental structure combined with movement and volume in the hair styles. Wearable colours of blondes and browns show tonal shifting of light and dark, cool and warm in each look.
Illustrative images show tonal swings in light with a metallic shimmer to the finished shot. Split second emotion is captured in the subject's stance showing strong confident women. Whilst driven by power, Circé still captures a femininity that represents that strength and beauty are not mutually exclusive.
The striking, clean looking skin is flawless and powerful with the planes of the face highlighted to show off some angular features. Bold coloured lips dominate some of characters which are a direct reference to the femme fatales of the 50's, whilst the others show flashy pop colours from the 80's on the eyes with exaggerated eyelashes. Tracey Hughes has captured alluring images that boldly challenges conventional fashion.
Hair: Tracey Hughes
Colour: Tracey Hughes
Photography: Andrew Maccoll
Make-Up: Ellinda Corbisiero
Stylist: Vass Arvanitis
Products: Redken