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Circé by Tracey Hughes

hair with dynamic styling
Texture, volume and oh-so-sexy artful dishevelment characterise, Circé the latest collection from multi award winning hairdresser, Tracey Hughes.
The collection features dynamic styling shapes with mussed hair ups atop strongly postured models. Wearing slightly androgynous yet flashy tailoring and with barely an inch of skin revealed these femme fatales are alluring-dangerously so!
Inspired by many eras including the naivety of the 40's, the striking beauty of the 50's, the structured strictness of the 60's, the glitz and glamour of the 80's, this collection defines high end fashion.

Stroke of Genius

ponytail style for black-blue hair
A ponytail made in art heaven sweeps like the brush stroke of an old master in thick, heavy motion sharing its black-blue radiance with the lucky spectator. Anchored above the forehead the enormous mass of hair reveals a strict pulled together base before it explodes to its fulminant, power of nature volume.
If it is not grown by nature this passionate style can easily be achieved with the help of an attachable hairpiece.

Purple Rockabilly

1950s rockabilly hair style for women
The iconic 1950s look has never been sexier. Tracey Hughes puts a purple twist into the Rockabilly quiff. Two barrels made of rolled up long hair were positioned and fastened on the crown before part of the hair was pulled out and styled to a flaming cloud above the forehead.
In comes the radical mix of colors in platinum blonde and amethyst to give this look its irresistible charm.

Mussed Must-Have

hairdo with large piled curls
Piled up high and shredded to a wonderful tousled mess. A sexy, deliberate and planned mess that is. Large curls in layered and textured hair were deconstructed to their inner essence and freely play with the senses and perception.
The neck is long and the rest of the hair is shaped to an edgy and fluffy trapeze shape with its largest width at the ear line.

Zip It

hairstyle with a zipper as hair accessory
Unusual accessories are no stranger to Tracey Hughes. Here it is a partially open zipper separating a velvety short side from a cotton candy pouf of hair wallowing in the pleasure of being the most unique look around. Platinum and pink are the tender contrasts to the black and heavy metal of the zipper.

Surreal Dream of Hair

surreal chin length bob with a swoosh
The unexpected often leaves the deepest impressions and takes us to wondrous lands of imagination. Alice found her wonderland and Tracey Hughes creates her surreal dreams out of hair. A basic bob is shaped with beveled sides and cut to a snug chin length (almost) all around.
A wide section of hair on the broader side of the partition decided not to follow the uniformity and escapes in a wave of almost shoulder length in an elegant swoosh that will make the onlooker marvel for quite a while.

Goth Schoolgirl

goth look hair with red curls
The innocence of this eager student is well hidden underneath a mass of red curls and the goth garder outfit. The spectacular amount of hair piles up on both sides of a high side partition and is even more interesting with its top part being all sleek and shiny.
This look is a fun mix of old Hollywood glamour and urban street style.
Hair: Tracey Hughes
Colour: Tracey Hughes
Photography: Andrew Maccoll
Make-Up: Ellinda Corbisiero
Stylist: Vass Arvanitis
Products: Redken


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