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Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks

Changing hairstyles for the new season
With spring comes a strong urge to give your appearance a total makeover. Just like the seasons of the earth, humans tend to go through seasons of changing their hairstyles, fashion sense, make-up techniques, fitness regimes and even outlooks on life in general!
When standing on the doorstep of a promising summer, it is only natural that you feel the need to upgrade the whole way that you look. In this Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks collection the stylists drew inspiration from the freedom of summer, fun street styles and an overall celebration of different cultures and couture.


Feminine long hairstyle with layers
Long hair with tinned out tips
This beautifully natural and unabashedly feminine hairstyle is really a breath of fresh air.
The model’s long hair has been cut into off-the-shoulder connected layers that have been thinned out considerably along the tips. Thanks to the stylist’s jovial use of the thinning shears, the model’s hair gives the impression of being feathery and flowing, much like that of a summer-fairy.
Her base color is a rich medium brunette, while light golden brown highlights are sprinkled along the top part of the hair.


Short back and sides haircut for men
Men's haircut with a modern feel
This is really one men's style that has totally taken over in the fashion-front the last couple of months. The model’s hair has been cut into a short back and sides look, while the top section is very long in comparison with the rest of the hair. The long top and short back and sides are not connected, which gives this style an irrefutably modern feel.
The earthy brunette tones balance the contemporary elements of this hairstyle, while also making it super easy to maintain. The hair is combed to the side, as to show off the extreme yet harmonious variation in disconnected length.


Pixie cut with clean cutting lines - Side view
Pixie cut with a longer top section
This is what you get when you fuse a purist with supreme structure. The lines of this pixie cut are clean and super defined, while each curve and angle fits the silhouette line perfectly. The lower-back section of the hair has been sheared very short, which lends an extremely neat and precise element to the style.
The sides are a bit longer, while the top section is much longer, and the central focus of this hairstyle. The layers of hair are connected, with an impressively gradual lilt from long to short.
The light copper-red base has been set alight with lots of thin slivers of copper and golden blonde highlights.

The Ceasar

Men's hairstyle for a party look
Modern corporate haircut for men
It’s not just the weather that can change on a whim! If you’re a complete control freak at work and a party-animal when you’re on the party scene, this is the perfect hairstyle for you. The very short back and sides lend an intensely structured and corporate look to this men's style when the longer top section is neatly combed, and styled to the front or side.
But the moment you add a small amount of dry-look wax and hands full of attitude, the style literally transforms the model from a boardroom main-player to a fun-ready party animal on the prowl for some serious action.


Below the ears haircut for men
Longer than ear length hairstyle for men
Here we once again see the stylists of this creative team turning back to a natural aesthetic for hair inspiration. The model’s hair is naturally thick and wavy, which makes it the perfect canvas for this sort of style for men.
The top section of the hair falls to just below the ears, while the bottom section (extending from nape to the circumference of the occipital bone) is shorter, very layered and loosely connected to the top section. The bottom section has been cut at an upwards 90 degree and thinned out considerably, to encourage the hair to curl naturally.

Short Shag

Bob haircut with slightly shorter front section
Contemporary haircut with a shorter front
The stylists chose a medium shaggy bob to show off this model’s beautiful facial structure and arresting beauty. What makes this hairstyle seriously impressive is the fact that the gradient progresses from a longer and more solid back to a slightly (yet clearly-visible) shorter front section.
The layers framing her face havee been thinned out and connected with the shorter front lengths, which gives the style a contemporary yet fully balanced look.
The light copper-brunette base has been highlighted with light copper-red highlights. The sleekness of the style shows off the structure of the haircut perfectly.

Dramatic Curls

Permed hair with small curls
Permed shoulder length hair
This is for the girl that’s totally wild at heart! The stylists used a model with shoulder length, connected layered tresses. The hair has been permed with small, tight curls to achieve a mass of extremely voluminous locks. The tight curls have been blow-dried by attaching a diffuser to the front of a blow dryer, and drying the hair on a medium-setting air-force.
The curls are perfect to show off the multidimensional golden and brunette hues, as well as to encourage intense color play in the sunlight. This hairstyle lightly imitates the Afro, which exemplifies the stylist’s inspiration stemming from a truly diverse culture and fashion backdrop.

Gone Wild

Masculine hairstyle with curls
Hairstyles that imitate natural curls
Here we have a hairstyle that is the epitome of masculine essentials paired with broad strokes of mischief and playfulness. The back and sides are sheared short and very structured, which gives the overall style a sense of a neat hairline and clean lines.
The fact that the lines and curves of the model’s manicured beard fuse with the silhouette of the haircut only compounds the classical attractiveness of the look. The longer top section has been curled by using a medium or small barrel curling iron, to successfully imitate natural curls.

Nerdy Glam

Pixie haircut to wear with glasses
Pixie cut with exposed ears
For this shoot, the stylists elected to showcase the extreme versatility and resourcefulness that a well created haircut can have. The model’s hair has been cut into a pretty straight-forward pixie cut. The sides and back are very short, with the hairline very well structured and clearly defined.
The model’s ears are intentionally exposed due to the very short length in this area, while the wisps right in front of the ears are left longer for a more feminine look. The long fringe is the focal point of the hairstyle, and also the main tool of versatility. This is a great haircut to wear with glasses!
The model’s light copper base is woven through with light golden blonde highlights, which increases the movement and multi-dimensionality of the style beautifully.

City Surfer

Short men's haircut for a surfer look
Short hairstyles with longer top hair
The stylists elected to make the most of this model’s broodingly attractive face by giving him a particularly short style, yet leaving the top section relatively longer than the rest of the hair. Always remember that by keeping the top of any short haircut longer, you’re increasing the versatility of the style by tenfold.
The stylist decided to use the thinning shears and a stylist’s razor lavishly in the top section to amplify the multi-dimensionality of the style. The medium nut-brown base color has been highlighted with super thin highlights to emulate the effect the sun has on a surfers hair, making the model look like an authentic water boy.

Casual Lady

Medium length bob with curls and a diamond shape
Hairstyles for curls
The scrunched up curls of this layered medium length bob give this hairstyle a quirky diamond shaped appearance. The stylists were pretty clever in using this particular model for this style and cut, as the diamond shape lifts the hair away from her long, elegant neck. The curls are particularly concentrated and tighter in the middle section of the head, to give a wider and more impressive appearance.
The model’s natural light brown base color has been highlighted very gradually with copper and golden blonde highlights, which lightens the whole look and warms the model’s dark eyes and complexion.

Natural Mess

Men's hairstyle with different lengths
This men's hairstyle consists of numerous different lengths, which makes it remarkably versatile. The front bottom section is much shorter than the rest of the style, which makes it a good choice for especially men who have corporate jobs. The mid and top sections are much longer, which transforms the style into a super versatile and fun look.
A diffuser has been attached to the blow-drier to encourage the hair to curl tightly with maximum volume. The model’s hair is a simple yet striking dark brown, which suits the model’s chiselled features and dark eyes perfectly.
Hairstyles and Photos: Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks