Luis Kraemer - SS09

Haircuts that feature movement
Flirty looks guarantee an exciting spring and summertime! French top master of hair, Luis Kraemer, shows us how to get ready for a fun filled sunny season with cuts that feature smooth, feminine lines and a lot of movement.
Curls in layered long hair are full of bouncy energy and tease in blonde and brunette. Straight hair is full of motion and radiance through the skilled creation of well-balanced texture.
All of these chic styles are unpretentious yet classy with the casual ease of a warm summers night in St. Tropez. Low maintenance but big effect are a given.

Strawberry Daiquiri

Long and playful blonde hair with curls
Long warm strawberry blonde hair
Curly and bubbly, sexy and playful - behold the eternal beauty of long, blonde hair. Shaped into a voluptuous mane, these locks are seduction in its purest form. For variation the hair can be parted either in the center or on the side, however this is just the beginning of the uncountable styling options.
The warm strawberry blonde has an almost iridescent glow and brings out the radiance of a slightly tanned skin.

Sunset Glow

Long hair cut with tapering that frames the face
long brown hair with tapered sides
The tapering and texture of this beautiful long cut frames the face with a soft caress and a perfect line to take the focus to the features. It takes very skilled hands to create texture this fine from the long bangs to the tips that reach just a couple of inches below the shoulder line.
The hair color is a warm, nutty brown with accents in mahogany and a golden hazel tone. Absolutely delightful in the evening sun!

Flirtatious Curls

Long brown hair with light and bouncy curls
Light and bouncy curls are swirling around a happy face and come with all of the free and fun energy of a sunny day full of adventures. The corkscrew pattern is well defined and only arranged with the fingers to keep the shape of the curls.
The hair is layered for the best distribution of the volume and the ends are gently textured to form a soft outline. The cappuccino color is a sophisticated balance to the playfulness of the structure of this contagiously charming look.
Copyright: Luis Kraemer
Hairstyling: Laure Mentré
Make-up: Adèle and Amélie for Candice Mack
Photography & Styling: BG Project - Marie-Evelyne & Bert Goeman