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We present "VISION", the new trend collection from Farouk Systems Group. This collection is based on two different streamings in fashion, Shimmer & Shine. The Vision Collection contains the most beautiful ingredients as texture, beauty and shape.
The environment has always been very important for Farouk Systems, and now you will find the beauty of the earth in this collection.
  • shimmery medium length hair
  • mid-length hair with shine
  • hair with glossy shine
  • Els Tibau
  • Els Tibau with semi short hair
  • red long hair
  • short hair colored red
  • neck length hair
  • modern short hair
  • Els Tibau with curly hair
  • curls for Els Tibau
  • short hair styled up
  • red hair with curls
  • red hair with lots of volume
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The Vision collection contains the 4 basic elements of life, earth, water, air and fire.
"Earth" Natural, ecological, melting of culture and feminine.
"Water" New, fresh, clean, reflection, transparency and movement.
"Air" Big, space, volume, soft, movement and streaming.
"Fire" Strong, expressive, explosive and contrast.
The elements inspired Farouk to create "VISION" the new international collection 2008.
The theme "Shimmer" is a shimmering flash from the dynamic duo, shape and statement. These supercharged looks benefits any personality, and are shrink to fit. The hairstyles are styled light and bright and create a beautiful silhouette.
Inspiration for the theme "Shine" is the American and south European beach life. During the day time, luxury sporty hairstyles, with influences from kite and wind surfers. Let the wind style your hair and dare to wear. In the evening hours these styles are easy styled to a more sophisticated look, texture and volume are playing an important role when you laze about the boulevards.
Hair: Patrick Kalle and team
Make-up: Lydia Thann
Stylist: Marco Marcus
Cloths: Mango, Marlene Birger, Hester Slaman
Photography: Ivo Rikkert
Products: Farouk Systems Group