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Luxury sporty hairstyles
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We present "VISION", the new trend collection from Farouk Systems Group. This collection is based on two different streamings in fashion, Shimmer & Shine. The Vision Collection contains the most beautiful ingredients as texture, beauty and shape.
The environment has always been very important for Farouk Systems, and now you will find the beauty of the earth in this collection.
The Vision collection contains the 4 basic elements of life, earth, water, air and fire.
"Earth" Natural, ecological, melting of culture and feminine.
"Water" New, fresh, clean, reflection, transparency and movement.
"Air" Big, space, volume, soft, movement and streaming.
"Fire" Strong, expressive, explosive and contrast.
The elements inspired Farouk to create "VISION" the new international collection 2008.
The theme "Shimmer" is a shimmering flash from the dynamic duo, shape and statement. These supercharged looks benefits any personality, and are shrink to fit. The hairstyles are styled light and bright and create a beautiful silhouette.
Inspiration for the theme "Shine" is the American and south European beach life. During the day time, luxury sporty hairstyles, with influences from kite and wind surfers. Let the wind style your hair and dare to wear.
In the evening hours these styles are easy styled to a more sophisticated look. Texture and volume are playing an important role when you laze about the boulevards.

Mid Length Hair

Collarbone length bob with a tapered cutting line
This look is all about the shine and the hair color. A sleek surface was chosen in order to best showcase the exciting melange of amber, mahogany and hazelnut browns with the honey colored highlights. Applied in fine strands with irregular width, the different hues create an amazing spectacle of light and shadows.
A beautiful bob was cut with a tapered line framing her face and deep bangs to make her eyes just a tad more sultry. The length reaches her collarbone with textured tips gently curved inward. For straightness and shine an iron was used, and the hairstyle was finished with a small amount of molding clay.

Medium Length Shiny Hair

Medium length shiny bob with a curve that connects the bangs and tapered sides
The sleek and flattering bob stands out with the amazing design of its bangs. They are not only long and attractive, but also tailored to her specific features and accentuate her cheekbones with the round curve that connects the fringe to the tapered sides.
The shape of this smooth hairstyle is created by cutting very fine layers that seamlessly transition into each other. Done so from the eye level down, the hair stays close to the shape of her head. Sculpting products and serum are the finishing touch.

Chin Length Hairstyle

Chin length bob hairstyle with the fringe falling in a curve across the face
Posh goes the bob in this sleek and face hugging version. Classy and elegant with the perfectly tailored lines, this exclusive hairstyle makes us swoon with its clear lines that harbor a complex cut and design. Precise cutting lines and inspiration without end made this masterpiece possible.
Some of the allure is in the diagonal fringe, textured with finesse and falling in a very flattering curve across her face. At the lower end the sides curl in just underneath the chin and a couple of longer strands break the mold for a little edgy tease. A rich, warm, reddish brown is illuminated with sprinkles of gold.

Neck Length Hair

Els Tibau with a neck length hairstyle
Powdery strands of platinum luxury lift the beige blonde base color to new and glamorous heights. Casual in its approach, but high-end in its finish, this neck length hairstyle is made for sophisticated women who know that they deserve only the best and like the elegance of skilled understatement.
The part sits high on the side and features a thrilling overlapping element where the long side swept fringe meets the side. Razor cut texture keeps the tips soft and produces this snug fitting shape. Flattering and full of cosmic allure.

Semi Short Hairstyle

Semi short blonde hairstyle with tapered sides
The magic of a side fringe! You can wear it all the way feathered back, with much texture or like here in a soft and silken curved veil that exudes an inescapable magnetism and grabs a hold of anyone's attention and of course, their senses. The perfect angle in this example covers one of her eyes and flows in its sleek perfection all the way to the textured and tapered side.
The length is right below the chin and is softened all around with some daring razor cuts for the texture. Gold blonde alternates with bright, shimmering platinum in small and wider streaks for a good deal of light effects and dimension in the hair.

Long Red Hair

Long red hair with outward turned tips and a heavy rounded fringe
If you go red, you might as well go all the way and skip the subtle tones. This is a big, fabulous, daring and absolutely worship worthy red. The tone is somewhere between succulent berries and a rich red wine, kissed by a sunset. Definitely not a color to be overlooked. Just as the cut. Daring and memorable.
The density on top with the heavy rounded fringe and the satiny sleekness moves into a narrower silhouette around the neck, which features intricate texture and all finds its happy ending with the outward turned tips and their feathery soft texture.

Short Red Hair

Short red hair with a black base color and red streaks
Goodbye bland and hello red streaks! A modified page bob makes headlines with a fiery statement right in its slanted fringe. The smooth finish and the elegant, connected lines contribute their own charm, but it is the streaks of lava on the black base color that will stop traffic.
But more than a conversation starter, this stylish use of color is pure art on the canvas of hair. No fuzzy texture disrupts the clear line all around this amazing hairstyle and the glossy surface makes it even more precious. Smoothing serum and shine spray are inevitable for the success of this haircut.

Neck Length Hairstyle

Modern neck length hairstyle with forward jutting layers
Long layers are jutting forward to tickle her cheeks with plenty of gorgeous texture. A wild frame for a beautiful face. The fringe is wonderfully thick and sits just at the top of her eye. Sides are styled over a round brush to increase the volume and to give them that tempting twist forward.
With the distinct highlights the warm brown tone seems to be set on fire, just as her surroundings will be when she walks by. Use a hot iron to get the sleek and shiny surface, modeling paste or clay will accentuate and keep the shape. But use the latter sparingly.

Modern Short Hair

Modern short bob haircut with strands that accentuate the neck
A modern bob with a striking combination of colors and outstanding special effects. A great shape together with this much texture down the sides envelopes her face in so much style. To get the straight flow, a flat iron was used, and the hair should be treated with a smoothing product to avoid flyaways.
The best touch in this hairstyle, however, are the few streaks in the extravagant tangerine hair color that corresponds so well with the earthy, brown base and the caramel highlights. Several longer strands accentuate her neck.

Curly Hair

Curly hair styled out of the face for a short hair appearance
Get your curly on and go for iconic glamour. Large curls elevate the layered cut to a picture of feminine luxury and all that even comes with a touch of playfulness. The curls are well structured, at times strongly defined and then again gently deconstructed. The volume begins in the roots.
Light blonde and even lighter accents bring the color to live. Style it out of the face for a short and elegant appearance. Again there are some longer sections peeking out at the bottom, transforming a classic look to a very modern one.

Hair in Curls

Blonde hair in thick and full curls
With extra volume, the curly hairstyle from before goes from elegant to wild and even more glamorous. This is even beyond eye candy and hits like a force of nature. Untamed and pure.
The thick and full curls where separated with the pointy end of a styling comb, scrunched and mussed with the fingers and a good styling product to improve hold, but that also keeps the hair supple and flexible. A blonde hair dream that is very attainable and worth every effort.

Short Hair Styled Up

Short hair with the bangs area styled up
This modern evolution of our beloved punk styles comes with a pointy wind swept effect. This was not a light breeze that hit the layered and strongly textured hair. Use a strong gel to freeze it in time.
Red tips on the black hair made the effect very dramatic, and the very docile and neat sides are a perfect contrast to all of that movement on the crown. The back reaches to the middle of her neck with a softened but straight cutting line.

Red Curls

Red hair with curls reaching down to the shoulders
There should always be a fire extinguisher nearby. With this combination of sultry curls reaching down to the shoulders, a deep fringe and that glowing color, it might be needed. It is good that hairstyles do not come with warning labels for the onlookers, since this one would have them all over and we could not enjoy its bright splendor anymore.
This high dosage of flamboyant is cut in layers to allow each curl to live up to its full potential. It even comes in a second version because we just cannot get enough of it.

Curls and Volume

Shoulder long red hair with curls and volume
To call this red shoulder long creation voluminous is an understatement. It is the unleashed power of passionate hair design in a color that puts all the others back to the wallflower department. Disheveled layers show their intense spirit when being teased, mussed and piled up high.
Using each curl and curve as support to the other. Attention to detail is just as present an can be found in the shape and location of the long bangs and in every pointy tip along the way.
Hair: Patrick Kalle and team
Make-up: Lydia Thann
Stylist: Marco Marcus
Cloths: Mango, Marlene Birger, Hester Slaman
Photography: Ivo Rikkert
Products: Farouk Systems Group
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