Undone Collection by Wella

Soft hair colors
Noble messiness is the key ingredient that makes this collection by Wella so irresistible. The natural movement of the hair with its effortless and casual approach captivates any audience.
Together with the sexy texture of the hair there are highly refined features like multiple, soft and transitioning colors, intriguing fringes and soft, frothy volume to make hearts jump.
Wella managed to combine sophistication with a bohemian ease of living. The undone line surpasses the common messy looks with its intriguing elegance, a masterful achievement of stylists with a clear vision.
Hair colors are soft and creamy with the popular nude tones, applied in innovative patterns and stone-washed techniques to be this bright and full of playful dimension.

Stonewashed Strawberry Blonde

Short hairstyle with overlapping layers
Short hair with a transition of colors
This short hairstyle takes the undone theme to the extreme. The cut features heavy texture to create the pointy jaggedness of the layers. The short neck keeps the focus on the fringe with was styled into the face in a diagonal direction. The rest of the hair follows that forward flow with overlapping layers from back to front.
Only the small side remains a smooth and contrasting feature by being combed to the back. Her hair color is an array of lighter and darker shades of strawberry blonde with a fine transition of colors that looks as if it was bleached by the elements of nature.

Creamy Blonde

Soft and flowing long blonde hair
Blonde hair with lighter streaks
Soft and flowing with long layers, this is the ultimate summer style. It exudes intense joy of life and comes with a casual flavor of elevated sophistication. It is the effortless texture and flow of lines that make this long hairstyle stand out.
The hair colors seem like dancing shadows that are teased by the shimmering light. Medium blonde is the dominant color, but the wide streaks of light blonde, especially in the gently curved lengths take it to hair heaven.

Unexpected Hair Color Combinations

Hair with a combination of colors
Long hair with contrasting hues
This hair colors combination comes as a refreshing surprise. Not only because of its contrasting hues, but because of how they accentuate the shape of the hair. A cool light blonde is the main color of the hair, which is styled asymmetrical with a deep side part and long fringe.
On the thicker side there are strands in a summery hot copper intermixed with the blonde in wide and small sections. The wavy shape of the same side is emphasized by the swirling movement of color and light.

Interplayed Highs and Lows

Summer look for long brown hair
Feminine and utterly playful with the color of chocolate that is washed out at the edges. A brunette summer look to show off your easy going side. It is defined by its gorgeous curved side part and the resulting sleek and smooth fringe. The small side is tugged behind her left ear with a feisty long strand left loose just in front of it.
Thick waves and a casual, undone styling create the amazing volume of this hairstyle. It is a good idea to use a diffuser on the blow dryer and to finish the styling by scrunching and arranging the hair with the fingers. The hair color combination is a very subtle interplay of chocolate brown and an even darker tone.

Stonewashed Pinks and Blonde

Stonewashed hair coloring technique
Long blonde hair with pink accents
Pink is one of the hottest colors of the season. It may not be a natural color, but in combination with the summery blonde it has a beautiful floral touch that harmonizes especially with lighter skin tones. The stonewashed technique blends the two colors to a seamless transition, ever changing with the movement of her hair.
The long mane is cut with a tapered front edge and long, loose layers throughout to get the most motion and volume possible. A ruffled styling and the effortless chic of the swept aside long fringe bring it to perfection.

Washed Out Corals

Hair with a washed out color effect
Grown-out looking hair
Faded jeans are indisputably sexy and so is a washed out color effect on hair. It gives it an intriguing natural feel. While not sacrificing the brilliance and intensity of a strong color, it just softens it around the edges. This effect comes with an elegantly grown-out looking hairstyle to complete the theme of casual, living in the present, effortless luxury.
The coral reds illuminate a round style with a pronounced fringe that, even with its heavy curve covers the upper half of her eyes. This level is also where the volume is strongest. The sides are narrower and shaped to match the curve of her neck. Flipped out edges and soft disheveling provide the ideal texture to look like a summer dream come true.
Hair and Colors: Wella