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Collection 13 by COIFF1RST

  • elegant long hairstyle
  • long hair styled to the side
  • simple upstyle
  • hairstyle with two braids
  • healthy long hair
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Long hair is undoubtedly beautiful in all of its shapes, colors and textures. Many women often wonder what they can do with their long hair to give it a different appearance. There are plenty of ways to style long hair. Get creative and you'll find out that there is more out there than just the simple ponytail, updos or long flowing and open hair.
COIFF1ST gives us some great ideas with their Collection 13. The model had medium beige blonde hair that reaches her mid back. A light natural wave helps with some of the hairstyles. The expression of these looks is all feminine, sensual and very, very luxurious. Treat yourself and your beautiful hair to something special. It is worth the effort and some of the looks are surprisingly easy to recreate.
Hair: COIFF1RST - Paris
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