New Naturals Collection by Illumina Color

Wella hair colors
On a mission to revolutionize hair color, Wella set out and created their new line Illumina Color. As the name indicates it is all about the light.
Color does not exist without light and the combination of new technology and decades of experience creating the most stunning hair colors gave birth to this glossy, deep and most of all naturally looking hair.
The hairstyles presented here are the perfect canvases to present the depth and intensity of the Illumina Line from smokey to blushed, soft and light infused shades. Long hair looks even more luxurious and short looks get an instant lift in energy with these soft and flattering colors that make not only celebrities flock into their salons right now.

Smokey Natural

Hair coloring with much reflection
Wella hair coloring
How can hair color be better than nature? When it brings so much reflection and light into the hair, that a long and wavy style looks this alive. The three main hues were applied in triangular and transitioning sections and seem to light up the long layers from the inside.
Her over the shoulder long waves were created by rolling the warm, blow dried hair and then, once set, it is released and gently ruffled with the fingers.

Bright Natural

Hair coloring with a play of light and shadow
Hair coloring is more than applying a paste all around the head and waiting long enough for the chemistry to reveal its miracle. To make hair look this natural and full of light stylists use more than one color, three in this case, and apply them in a well planned pattern to give the hair depth where needed and splendid highlights in the right places as well.
The play of bright light and shadow then supports the cut with its dimension and organic volume. Her long, center parted hair intrigues not only with all of its sparkle but also with the fluid and harmonious shape of the opulent curls. Layers reduce the mass of hair and make it easy for the bounce to be this vivacious. A curling iron was used for the finishing details.

Glowing Natural

Long hair with colors for a brilliant shine
Hair with shades of strawberry blonde
This most elegant, long hairstyle seems to glow from within. A radiant palette of 3 hair colors was applied in three sections, which are not visible in the finished look, but their effect is. Deep luminosity and brilliant shine in shades of strawberry blonde and gold accentuate the preciousness of the layered lines.
Glamorous and with a generously swinging bounce in the lower perimeter this is what long hair looks like all grown up. A side fringe adds a mysterious shadow over her face.

Blushing Natural

Short haircut with blushing hair coloring
Peach, apricot and strawberry not only make a wonderful summery fruit salad, but their colors take a short haircut to a new level of adorable. The warm blush even makes her skin glow and her green eyes sparkle like never before.
The three hair colors were applied in sections on the short layered hairdo and once dry all we see is the magic of them melting into each other.
Hair and Colors: Wella