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"Bain de Mer" by Mod's Hair

  • short summer hairstyle
  • sexy short hair
  • summer bob
  • sun bleached hair
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Are you ready for the beach? Worried about your hair? Mod's hair released a new collection of hairstyles that might just remedy this problem. Short, medium and long looks are made for sun and all of the pleasures of the summer season. And they can even get wet!
The secret is in the great cuts, executed with utmost precision and under consideration of the natural fall and flow of the hair. This makes them so easy to style every single day.
The hairstyles are sun kissed in their colors and move as gently as a summer breeze. This is pure refreshment for your hair from beach to happy hour and beyond.
Hairstyles: Mod's Hair
Hair: Olivier de Vriendt
Make-up: Camille Lutz