Winter 08-09 by John Beerens

Hairstyles for young people
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The John Beerens Hair Studio presents a celebration of versatility with their collection of winter hairstyles. Modern cuts infused with classic elements offer the flexibility to be styled in various ways, yielding different looks.
The results range from subtle differences to dramatic transformations. Natural and warm hair colors are selected to complement and enhance the styles, rather than creating a specific effect or attitude.
These truly prêt-à-porter styles elevate everyday life. The photos are paired, showcasing a single cut styled in two different ways. Together, they illustrate the remarkable versatility of hairstyling.

Straight or Curly Long Hair

Straight styling for long hair
Long hairstyle for naturally curly hair
Here we see a long hairstyle with layering on the lower portions to create a balanced proportion of bulk in the hair's curly style. This has the added virtue of giving softness to the ends of the hair in the straight styling. Whether the hair is naturally curly or naturally straight and styled for the opposing look, the cut is perfect for its versatility.
To get the curly look, either dry with a diffused blow dryer and scrunch the hair gently, or wind wet hair on small roller tools using longer tools or a piggy-back technique to give uniform curl along the length of the hair. Medium hold product will ensure a long-lasting style that can be refreshed with a light misting of hairspray and gentle scrunching with the fingers.
Getting the straight look requires a simple blowout with a flat brush and passing the hair through a flat iron. Use product to protect the hair from heat styling and ensure a sleek finish.

Flowing Free or Rope Braid

Free flowing long hair with natural styling
Hair in a loose rope braid
This cut is a basic blunt cut with layering at the ends. The natural styling is wavy with a foreground part that creates gently draping sides to frame the face. With the long hair allowed to flow free, the look is soft and romantic. By contrast, the second styling option shows a loose twisting braid for a more controlled confinement of the hair.
In the case of both style options, the color enhances the look - highlighting the flowing waves of the hair in photo three and the gently twined loops of the loose, ropey braid. The depth of color dimension and the interplay of light and dark in the hair give the hairstyle more energy and life.

Sides and Back Cropped Close

Men's cut with classic elements and the sides and back cropped close
Styled look for Men's hair
In this men's cut, we have classic elements incorporated with modern texturing techniques. The sides and back are cropped close and taper sharply as you approach the parietal ridge. The top and crown area are cut to approximately two inches in length and textured with a point cutting technique to give the hair added definition in styling.
The styling itself can be accomplished in both variations shown using a blow dryer and brush. The first photo shows a more casual configuration wherein the hair is styled for a relaxed look. A blow dryer and brush can be used to direct the hair forward and across the head, while a dab of product can be added to give structure and definition to the deeply textured hair.
In the second photo, we see a more structured, high-volume look. Again, a blow dryer is employed, but the hair is lifted while drying to add volume and create a high-impact, very styled look.

Neck-Length Haircut

Low-maintenance neck-length haircut for active women
Layered neck length hair for sporty women
Youthful hairstyles
This neck-length layered haircut is perfect for the active woman who wants freedom in styling and easier-to-care-for looks. Long layering creates a balanced look with curlier styles, while the length allows for the creation of smooth, soft curves.
For a smoother look, the hair can be blown out with a large round brush and directed to form a soft "C" to frame the face. The side part allows for the formation of a flattering fringe that curves and accentuates the eyes, while the lower layering brings the mouth and neck into relief.
In the second photo, we see the same cut with a more organic style. The hair is blown out with a diffuser attached, and the natural curl is maintained by scrunching (or, when needed, created by using a roller set or heated tools). Softly wound coils give the hair a soft romantic look, even though the length is low-maintenance.

Chin-Length Bob

Simple chin length bob hairstyle with a lightly textured fringe
Romantic styling for a short chin level bob
The newest trends for hair
Here we see a simple bob, transformed from a chic look to a slightly sassier display. The rich auburn color adds a touch of warmth and spice, while the chin-length cut gives a classic look of beauty to the model's strong face. The fringe is cut at an angle and lightly textured to give it a wispy air without too much feathering.
The first look is the more subdued, with smooth curves. This bob hairstyle is all about cleaner lines and softer curves. The lengths frame the face and draw focus to the mouth and nose, while the fringe brings attention to the bright eyes.
The alternative style shows a playful side, more casual and romantic. The shorter lengths are formed into large curls, and the added volume raises the focus of the hair to the upper portions of the face, creating the look of strong cheekbones and enhancing the slight smile on our model's face. The fringe is still focused on the eyes, though now they work together to create a happier expression from what is otherwise a Mona Lisa smile.
Hair: Team John Beerens Hairstudio - Tilburg
Makeup: Kelly Koorn for Pupa
Photography: Paul Bekkers
Apparel: Gio-Goi
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