In Da Mouve by KSFH

Hair with gothic influences
The allure of feminine charm bursts forth in stunning short and long hairstyles, infused with a touch of gothic elegance that transcends conventional boundaries.
A sheer delight, akin to the smoothness of satin, permeates through various cutting techniques, showcasing the mastery of blending light and darker hair colors. Experience the artistry firsthand and judge for yourself!

Perfect Men's Haircut

Perfect masculine haircut with the hair defined around the ears
Around the ears haircut for men and long hair with layers for women
Masculine magnetism exudes a captivating allure, often beginning with the gravity-defying charm of a well-crafted hairstyle. The model's sleek, dark hair is neatly defined around his ears and neckline.
At the top and crown, styling gel or wax has been skillfully applied, sculpting the hair into a brushed-up crest with small peaks converging at the front, then delicately scattered as if he had just removed his hat. A picture-perfect cut for any occasion!

Hair Fashioned in Layers

Long hair fashioned in layers and smoothed into a whip like smoothness
The captivating allure of hair just below the shoulders, adorned with a blend of light warm brown and hints of red, accentuated by delicate frames of blonde, is truly mesmerizing.
Subtle shadows grace the ends, adding depth and luminosity to the rest of the hair, which has been expertly fashioned into long layers and smoothly swept to cascade over one side of the model's face, gently veiling alf of one of her eyes.
Every element harmonizes seamlessly – the enchanting hair colors, the precision of the cut, and the model's radiant visage. Truly, a portrait of unique beauty!

Spliced Ends

Hairstyle with collar length spliced ends and angled bangs
Unique hair colors featuring reddish shadows and golden highlights enhance the textured ends, gracefully extending to the collar line. The weighty hair at the crown and bangs is expertly styled into a sleek, luxurious angle. For added finesse, consider using gel and smoothing serum to refine the ends as needed, ensuring a flawless and polished finish.

Tapered Ends

Hairstyle with tapered ends and hair that lies over one side of the face
The contemplative expression on the model's face complements the way her hair gently drapes over one side, showcasing the tapered ends that start at the neckline and gradually lengthen as they merge with the top hair.
Featuring subtle layers, the hair reveals a spectrum of red and brown hues, enhancing its smooth and unwrinkled styling. To achieve this look, blow-dry with a flat brush after applying a light styling lotion, then finish with smoothing serum for added shine and control.

Choppy Medium-Length Hair

Choppy medium length hairstyle for red hair
A personalized hairstyle featuring choppy, short ends originating from a side part exudes individuality. The tousled lines cascading over the shorter strands unmistakably declare this as a truly unique haircut!
Adding to the excitement are vibrant hair colors, with exhilarating reds shining like sunshine, producing a spectrum of red tones throughout the hair. If you've got only one life to live, why not go red and make it unforgettable?
Hair: Kristijan Petek and ksfh Creative Team
Make-up: Avrelija for ksfh
Photography: Peter Marinšek
Haircosmetics: Schwarzkopf Professional
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