Lindsay Lohan's Long Curls

Lindsay Lohan's long blonde hair with curls
Photo by PR Photos
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Everyone saw a blonde bombshell Lindsay Lohan walk into the 3rd annual "Rock the Kasbah" fundraising gala in Los Angeles on October 26th 2009. Lindsay's long layered blonde hair is something we are still trying to get used to compared to those earlier days of our red haired sweetheart. It is possible she may have extensions, to those of us who wonder how her hair grew so long so fast.
Her hair is super high maintenance in both coloring and styling. Her natural color has been lifted up to the highest levels of blonde and because of this chemical service she requires an extreme deep moisturizing treatment.
When your hair is as long as Lindsey's and highly colored, the mindset is; plenty of moisturizing shampoos, deep treatments, products that go over your hair to continually protect your hair from the sun rays and harsh weather and getting a trim every 6 weeks to look your best without fail.
There are a few winding idle curls that lie in the front and the two trendy large barely waves along each side. The healthiest way to achieve the curls and waves is to roll your hair with large conventional rollers and allow to air dry or get under a hair dryer, however most people do not have the time to spare for this time consuming task and use either hot rollers or a large curling iron.
Tip: Most women tint their hair today, this is a universal fact. Try out the different conditioning products for your type of hair. If your hair is as dry as Lindsey's you need the best moisturizing hair treatment that you can find. If your hair is oily and you go blonde, you will discover that you won't need as much deep treatment as someone with dry hair because your own oil will automatically be conditioning your hair every time you run a brush through it and your hair will soak it up.
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