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Christie Brinkley & Hayden Panettiere

Christie Brinkley - 09/22/2008

Christie Brinkley - Long blonde hair with curls and waves We are familiar with Christie Brinkley's long blonde hair styled with her side panel that comes over into her recognizable smoothness that eventually pitches over into curls and waves that frame one side of her face. The other side is brushed back and slipped behind her ear encasing her back with the rest of her curls. The difference with this type of side section and another one is the notable slip of hair that is brought over from the heavier section in the front that bridge into the lesser side therefore; there isn't just the normal side part.
When you begin to roll your hair for this unique hairstyle, don't forget that small piece and take a small roller, rolling into the opposite direction it would normally go. Roll your hair in large rollers, not jumbos. Brush thoroughly and smooth the top over and allow the curls and the waves to fall where they desire. Spritz a little bit of gloss for sheen.
Hayden Panettiere - 09/24/2008

hayden Panettiere - Updo with tendrils around the face Hayden Panettiere's tri-tones of gold and light brown hair give a striking appeal to her green eyes. Combed with a short center part leaves her tendrils to stretch down in idle coils that lace around her face. The rest of the hair is styled midway down the neck in a messy oblong chignon with a few wispy fans for decoration in the hairstyle. Hayden completes her look with peachy bronze tones and peach coral lip color. Dark outlined eyes, once again bring out the best of the color of her eyes.
Note the thickness of her eyebrows and how it softens her eyes. Too thin eyebrows can give a harsh appearance while thicker ones can soften. This also applies with too thin of lips. If you have too thin lips, take your lip pencil and begin to draw your lips, being careful not to go too much over your natural line. Put a dot over every area that needs to be enlarged, then, connect the dots. After you have drawn the line, take your lip brush with a neutral color and go over the line and you will be amazed how natural your new lips will appear.