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Linda Blair & Paris Hilton

Linda Blair - 2008/11/02
Linda Blair's long hairstyle with large rolled curls
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Linda Blair draws attention to her long brown hair worn in various lengths and smoothed to glide easily over to the one side all in conjunction with the large rolled curls. When you choose this type of hairstyle for yourself, be sure and apply a thermo setting spray while you style as that is the real power behind the curling iron.
While Linda is wearing one of the most fashionable and trendy colors of today, these colors are not for everyone. For those of you, who have shallow skin, but pink undertones will appear a little bit jaundice if you aren't careful. Better for you to think pink. Can you believe there are cars out with this vibrant deep orange, so why not dresses? She accommodates her dress color with her makeup in the autumn colors of bronze, corals and browns. Linda's accessories harmonize in a good way with her overall image.
Paris Hilton - 2008/11/03

Paris Hilton with hair below the shoulders Where did Paris' short hair go? Perhaps what we are seeing are extensions or a wig as there is a remarkable match to her own platinum beige color. Forever ultra feminine, Paris Hilton wears her hair in the long curls that plunge below her shoulders. Her black dress is sprinkled with golden chains and tiny yellow horses running all about the design.
Then, we see the dress personalized with beige straps displaying her name. Did she design this dress herself? If she did, we can say bravo for Paris! The black is a good contrast with her blonde hair and she can get away with the other colors on the dress because they are small and not next to her face. Of course, Paris had to know that, she is the pro!