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Stefanie Scott's Hairstyles & Accessories

This American actress is a paragon of fresh-faced, youthful beauty. In her brief career, she has managed to prove herself talented as an actress and as a singer/songwriter. Her credits include numerous television roles as well as film roles in "Beethoven's Big Break" (direct-to-video) and "No Strings Attached".
Stefanie Scott wearing her hair straight
Stefanie Scott wearing her hair with curls
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Her Look and How To Copy it:
Stefanie Scott's long blonde hair is often seen styled straight, or with large, beachy waves. As you can see in the photos, these different styling techniques actually make a dramatic difference in her general appearance.
Since her face is square shaped with rounded features, the straight styling enhances the vertical lines of her face, giving her a slightly more mature look. Then, looking at the image of her with wavy hair, you can see how the curls accentuate the roundness of her features and make her appear younger and every bit the 14-year-old that she is.
What is common to both images is the use of accessories in her hair. In the straight-haired image, Stefanie is sporting a segmented gold-tone band in Alice-band fashion, to keep the forward locks of hair controlled and neatly tucked behind her ears.
In the photo with her hair worn wavy, she is wearing a strand of cylindrical beads in a circlet style. Both accessories work well in helping to control the hair's movement, but they also provide a wonderful accent to the overall look and styling of the hair.
In fact, Stefanie is often seen wearing an accessory of some sort in her hair. She has been seen wearing wide, Alice-band accessories, as well as various styles of hair combs, barrettes and clips in her hair to both control movement and to enhance the look of a particular style.
If you would like to emulate either of these looks, here are some simple tips:
For the "Alice band" look, take your headband, string of beads, scarf, etc. and fasten it around your head so that it follows an angled path behind the ears. If using an item that needs to be tied to secure it (or has adjustable fasteners) you can fasten the item at the top of the head and simply pull it down around the neck, turn it so that the fastening is in the back and lift it back into place.
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