Heidi Montag's Hair

Heidi Montag with long platinum blonde hair
Photo by PR Photos
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Heidi Montag keeps her long platinum blonde hair in layers that can be curled around the curling iron in vertical sessions. Beginning with a side panel there is a bold wave that swoops over and ends up with the rest of the curls on the sides.
With this high color, there also comes some heavy high maintenance with moisturizing conditioners, shampoos, setting sprays and serum lotions. Everything you buy should have some kind of moisturizing influence developed into the product. It is also important to consider not to wash your hair every day because this will only increase the dryness you are combating.
There is a definite price to pay for long platinum hair. Usually those who have the color wouldn't have anything else and if they do choose to go to another color, they will find themselves going back to the blonde they had in the first place. Nine times out of ten; once a blonde always a blonde.
Heidi Montag
Photo by PR Photos
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