Heidi Albertsen's Hair

Heidi Albertsen with long and curled blonde hair
Photo by PR Photos
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Heidi Albertsen enraptures us with that "knock'em dead" look as she poses for the photographer in her silver platinum dress that hugs her slim waistline. Atta girl Heidi! Her gorgeous long blonde hair is curled to dip below her shoulders and along her back. The sides go up into an almost 1940s look and the results are total class for Heidi!
Her top has been guided over to the side of her face keeping an "all clear" appearance. When we peek under her hair, we can see that her natural color is a medium blonde and this makes it easy for her hair colorist to bring her hair up into the light level she desires.
Heidi's is wearing a three chain necklace and earrings that both match her striking dress. Her make-up is plenty of bronzing and genuine natural appeal, while the emphasis is on her eyes that have a cat like sketch to them.
Heidi Albertsen - 1940s look for long hair
Photo by PR Photos
Heidi Albertsen
Photo by PR Photos
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