Sara Sanderson's Hair

Sara Sanderson - Long blonde hair with corkscrew curls
Photo by PR Photos
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Sara Sanderson is the envy of the party with her long blonde hair wrapped up in winding, twisting corkscrew curls that fall way beneath her shoulders. Her bangs are feather light, tip just below her eyebrows and offer a cheery welcome to those around.
Her eyebrows are light and natural and are lifted up with a light eyes shadow around her greenish eyes. There is light eyeliner, mascara, a hint of blush and neutral base lip tint. She is wearing a remarkable Neptune green/blue color that is perfect for her hair, eyes and light golden skin tone.
The only thing I would change for Sara is to put her curls over to one side and perhaps put a pretty matching hair band across her forehead. Totally smashing Sara!
Sara Sanderson wearing long blonde hair with bangs and curls
Photo by PR Photos
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