Brooke Long's Round Curls

Brooke Long - Long hairstyle with round curls
Photo by PR Photos
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Brooke Long matches today's trendy fashion of looking healthy. Even if we happen to have a sniveling cold, we must at least appear healthy!
No more mystic photos of gothic's pasty beckoning for black and white, nor anymore heavy black strokes of eyeliner and white lipstick. The organic and green call has gone around the globe and bronze and tawny colors are where we are in today's market.
With Brooke's taffy colored hair, she fits the bill. She has some of the loveliest round curls I've seen yet. There is the deliberate straightness that comes down from the part and then, swings into the loops. The darker color under her blonde hair is a great contrast and the ever popular deep warm orange dress magnifies her bronzed skin tones.
Brooke Long
Photo by PR Photos
Tip: Ask yourself what colors you would like to bring out on your skin? The bronze color that we are seeing so much of today? Wear colors that would relate to this like the deep warm orange that Brooke is modeling. Do you look better in the pink cooler hues? Then, wear the blue pinks and the cool colors and watch your shallow skin look pink. Just tricks of the trade Mam!
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