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Olga Kurylenko & Joss Stone

Joss Stone - 2008/11/05

Joss Stone's hair swarms her head with coiled ringlets upon piles of glossy layers. Curly volume is given a new meaning when we look at her image. Curls will always soften a face, whether they are long or in shorter fringes. Curls add touches of youth and charm at the same time no matter the age factor. Joss' hairstylist began with sectioning off her hair in two dimensions and started wrapping the hair vertically along the nape of her neckline. From there she would take another section of hair, one step above and repeated the whole process around the head, as she placed each curl above the lower one. Every curl is sprayed and positioned deliberately.
This is a great hairstyle when you have the time to follow it through for yourself or a good friend who will test her talent on your hair. For the best possible you, contact your hairstylist for the most professional style you can have and they will know exactly how to work with the texture of your hair.
Olga Kurylenko - 2008/11/05

Carefree hairstyle for shoulder touching hair - Olga Kurylenko Olga Kurylenko is wearing shoulder touching hair clipped in layers that billow out from her face and give a carefree attitude upon the style of her bangs. If you will notice, most of today's hairstyles extend a lighthearted, jocular picture that says: "My hair is styled, but not too fixed." In other words, after they take the rollers out from the hair and brush, the hands go up to muss it a bit, so it won't look too concrete. Even some of the bobs are mussed, however if you are looking for the straighter, smoother appeal you might consider one of the edged bobs of today.
Olga gives the example of a balanced approach to hairstyling with her medium length hairstyle, as there are curls but not too curly. There is smoothness, but not too straight. Many times our hairstyle can reflect how balanced we are in our everyday life. For example, if we happen to wear our hair severe and straight; are we rigid and unbending in our views? If we are, it will always show by the lines on our face too.