Joss Stone's Curls

Joss Stone's curly hairstyle with volume
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Joss Stone's hair swarms her head with coiled ringlets atop piles of glossy layers. Curly volume takes on a new meaning when we look at her image. Curls always soften a face, whether they are long or short. They add touches of youth and charm, regardless of age.
Joss's hairstylist began by sectioning her hair into two dimensions and wrapping it vertically along the nape of her neck. From there, another section of hair was taken, one step above, and the process was repeated around the head, placing each curl above the previous one. Every curl was sprayed and positioned deliberately.
This is a great hairstyle if you have the time to follow it through yourself or if you have a good friend willing to test their talent on your hair. For the best results, contact your hairstylist for a professional touch. They will know exactly how to work with the texture of your hair.
Joss Stone
Photo by PR Photos
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