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Andie MacDowell & Taylor Swift

Andie MacDowell - 2008/11/10

Andie MacDowell with long hair and curls that dip below the shoulders We see Andie MacDowell's well known familiar face at every turn, on magazine covers and in the movies. Usually we see her with her long luscious dark brown hair that always accommodates her incredible smile. This time, we can see that Andie has lightened panels of her hair up to about four levels. She is more mature now and still looks quite outstanding with her rolling waves and curls that dip below her shoulders and rest upon her back.
Although you may not be an "Andie," if this image appeals to you, roll your hair with conventional rollers and allow to dry. Brush out and allow the waves and curls to lie where they may. When you look at Andie and her hair think moisturizing conditioners! Because she actually models her hair she lives and breathes moisturizers. Moisturizing shampoos, conditioners and leave in conditioners. Moisturizing gels, sprays and setting lotions will all help keep your hair fully hydrated. Tip: Drink plenty of water, as this too will contribute to good hair, less wrinkles and less weight.
Taylor Swift - 2008/11/10

Taylor Swift wearing a black turtleneck and skirt Taylor Swift has natural blonde hair and no doubt her hairstylist helps to bring it up a few various levels using different combinations of a light colors in small streaky panels when working on her hair. Winding coils that have been curled away from the face give the impression of the wind blowing her hair and gathering into a mass of waves that lie upon her black turtleneck. Taylor gives the little girl look a new addition with her long black boots and snazzy black crinoline under her busy paisley skirt.
Use your coiling iron for this long hairstyle being careful to begin about even with the eyes allowing the smoothness on the top to ride over into the big bang effect. Test the waters and see how much thermo styling lotion you will need to use on your curls as you go. Use more hair for thicker sections, and less for the thinner sections. Thinner sections will curl quicker and last longer than the thick ones.