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Victoria Beckham & Lauren Bosworth

Lauren Bosworth - 09/26/2008
Lauren Bosworth - Long hair with curling Tri-toned blonde hair with long layers - Lauren Bosworth
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Flirty long layers are infectiously unavoidable in Lauren's tri-toned blonde hair that hangs below her shoulders. Styled with an off centered part and a large curling iron that winds the hair vertically away from the face expedites this image into the plush roundness you see. A flat iron will also do the trick around the top to bring the straightness that moves across the temple.
Follow through with smoothing serum and spray for this informal hairstyle. For more of a formal look and using the same part we could take the side top area and the sides and braid them into a fishtail going back and tie in the back. Lauren Bosworth would look good in just about any style.
Victoria Beckham - 09/26/2008

Victoria Beckham with a short boyish haircut Victoria Beckham seems to be one of those women who love to change her hairstyle. Remember when she was a silver icy blonde with slate straight hair? Then, she let it grow out natural for awhile with all of the ruffles and curves and now we can see a dark brown boyish haircut that still gives her unique side part only slicked down and off of her face.
The sides are tucked back behind her ears and the back is slightly snipped up short above her collar line. If her hair wasn't gelled down, there would be splashes of fluff around her face and wisps of straight hair lying all around. This is a very severe hairstyle that only a few women can wear and this would depend upon your facial features and body type.