Adrienne Frantz with Spiraled Curls

Adrienne Frantz with her hair in spiraled curls
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Soap Opera Star, movie actress, and singer Adrienne Frantz looks great in blonde, but she's also a stunning brunette. She took a break from her "The Bold and the Beautiful" schedule to celebrate and show off her mane made of hundreds of spiraled curls.
Dark colors often appear to shine stronger than lighter tones, and with the texture of the innumerable ripples of this style, the light reflections are a sight to behold.
Spiral curls can be achieved with a spiral perm, where the hair is wrapped around special rollers. If you want to replicate this look without subjecting your hair to a chemical treatment, there's an easy method that produces results very close to this.
Simply add some styling lotion to your hair, work many small and tight braids into the damp hair, and wait until the next morning. Just pull the hair into place with your fingers and spray on some gloss.
Brunette Adrienne Frantz
Photo by PR Photos
Adrienne Frantz with her long hair in spiral curls
Photo by PR Photos
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