Malin Akerman's Hair

Malin Akerman - Long hairstyle for fine hair
Photo by PR Photos
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Some women look like the girl next door, all rosy, pink, and full of ruffles and apple pie. Then, along comes someone like Malin Akerman who makes men's hearts go into a coronary arrest.
Of course, when that happens, it is the girl next door who ends up giving them CPR, and they wind up married with a passel of kids. Which one has the best life, the one who stopped the heart or the one who rescued it?
Someone believed the saying that blondes end up having more fun, and Malin believed this as she exhibits the taffy beige colors in her long layered and rather fine hair while wearing a slightly off-centered part with negligible threads of hair fluctuating in waves.
Her blue eyes are outlined with liner and mascara, a touch of bronzing, and pink lip tint complete her beautiful look along with the savvy black dress and boots.
Malin Akerman - Long blonde hair with waves
Photo by PR Photos
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