Long Jumbled Hair

Kelly Preston attended the "Old Dogs" premier in Hollywood, Ca. November 9, 2009 and her long jumbled hair looked smashing next to her quaint black dress.
Kelly's hair color is filled with golden and caramel panels next to her medium shade of brown hair. Her hair is cropped in long layers and is worn with the top section and the crown pulled back and up with her hair flowing down along the back and sides. The top has been gently back brushed and slightly smoothed but allowing two heavy ribbons of hair to hang down on each side of her face. Her hair was either rolled with hot rollers or a large curling iron used to achieve the languid curls that lie around her shoulders.
When golden highlights are mixed generously throughout a hairstyle like Kelly's it gives a very complementary rich effect next to the brown and caramel colors. Few shades can compete with the gold. I wouldn't advise trying to copy her color at home though, talk to your professional about the change you desire.
Her hairstyle would be an easy task for you to accomplish for yourself. Select your favorite styling spray and set your hair all going back with your large hot rollers. When your time is up, brush out vigorously and back brush the top and smooth back. Make sure you leave the two sections that you see out to be around your face. Bring the top and crown up in a band to present the volume you see in the picture. Comb through your hair one more time and spray some gloss for sheen. You should be able to do this in 20 minutes or less with practice. Use a good setting spray or if you are thinking about gloss, use shine spray.
Kelly has finely arched eyebrows that are set over a light translucent foundation. She is wearing a smoky hued eye shadow, thick eyeliner, lashes and mascara with a white pink lip tint. Let's put some color on Kelly's lips like a rose coral and a hint of the same color of blush. She would look sunnier, healthier and much more attractive.
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