Wave Curving around the Eye

Lori Loughlin's long hairstyle with waves and curls
Photo by PR Photos
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Lori Loughlin was bedecked in a teal colored evening gown with thick wide shoulders and a jeweled flowered setting along the right side when she attended the November 09, 2009 world premiere of "Old Dogs" in Hollywood.
Her long reddish blonde hair was the perfect touch with the teal colored dress. Her hair has a long side part that reveals the arduous detail of her warm attractive hair coloring. Clipped in long layers, provides the stunning wave that we see that curves around her eye and rests upon the top of her cheekbone. The other side is easily combed back behind her ear. The rest of her hair has been curled in leisurely curls that are relaxed around her shoulders.
Lori's hair color has derived with the all over reddish color with slices of blonde and pieces of medium brown following afterwards. The main color concentration is red. Do not try to do this at home, because it won't turn out like Lori's. One of the good things about Lori's hair color is the warmth it radiates in her face, as it brings out the pink in her skin and puts a touch of copper in her eyes.
Because she is wearing a long layered haircut, there is a good possibility you might be able to work with this haircut for yourself, if you have the time to put into your hair. The lush wave that we see along her face can be made with the healthier conventional rollers or hot rollers. When you roll with the conventional rollers, there is a greater attention to details, whereas with hot rollers there are larger sections of hair rolled up in one roller.
Velcro rollers are nice because you do not need any clips, however if you have long hair, they do tend to become entangled and difficult to get out after your hair is dry. The best conventional rollers are either plastic or metallic ones without brushes or Velcro involved. Find a good setting lotion.
When you decide to roll your hair to achieve the dip, be sure and section off your hair through the part as seen in Lori's picture. If you are using hot rollers, use your largest rollers going over to the side and also use the large rollers for the crown and the top of the sides. Work your way down with the medium size all going under. When your hair is curled, brush it out and let it swing into that delicious wave.
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