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Olivia Wilde & Teri Hatcher

Olivia Wilde - 01/25/2009

Olivia Wilde's medium warm chestnut hair begins with a smooth satiny part and one side combed behind her ear. The other side is gathered in a wave and ribboned coils that lie beneath her shoulders. The smooth medium to the curls can be constructed with plenty of moisturizing gel or thermo setting lotion with spritzes of gloss for sheen.
Olivia's beautiful eyes and high cheek bones are brought out with the eyeliner, light shadow, mascara, a few penciled in brows, and a hint of blush and light neutral pink lip tint. She is wearing a white dress that plunges in the front and is ornamented by her long gold drop earrings. It just makes you want to change your name to be Olivia, doesn't it?
Teri Hatcher - 01/25/2009

Does Teri Hatcher have short hair? No she doesn't. Her hair has been put up into a fake short hair look. Let's examine her hairstyle a little bit. Her hair on the sides looks to be tucked back and up, while the top hair is allowed to be styled down and under. Teri looks good in short hair. She has the long top that is combed over into a wave and meshes into the rest of the hair. What a splendid idea for those who aren't ready to cut their hair but still would like to have the shorter look that a haircut brings.
Teri wears light natural makeup with light shadows, eyeliner, mascara, touch of pink on her cheeks and a light pink lip tint. Her blue drop earrings go well with her ruffled topped one strap dress.