Cherilyn Wilson's Long Hair

Cherilyn Wilson with long reddish brown hair
Photo by PR Photos
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Cherilyn Wilson warms our heart as she models her beautiful long reddish brown hair that has been customized into a side panel and smoothed down to meet the curls that descend around her shoulders.
Spritz styling lotion on the sections of your hair as you use your large curling iron in a vertical position winding away from your face. Run your fingers through your curls just a bit, being careful not to finger comb it too much. Give a touch of gloss for sheen.
Just a thought about Cherilyn's medium and light grey patched top. The wrap of a silky scarf around her neck to match or even contrast one of her greys would be a complimentary addition to her attractive eyes.
Tip: If you discover you do not look good in the trendy grey, buy a wine or red colored silky scarf to wrap around your neck. You will still be in vogue and look stunning at the same time.
Cherilyn Wilson wearing a grey patched top
Photo by PR Photos
Cherilyn Wilson - Long hairstyle with curls around the shoulders
Photo by PR Photos
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