Dianna Agron's Long Hair

Dianna Agron - Long hairstyle with cascading curls
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Dianna Agron has natural light brown/dark blonde hair that her hairstylist can do just about anything with. Hence, we see her with a scratchy irregular part and thin cascading curls amassed together below her shoulders.
Her hair color has been brought up to have the lighter reddish brown with blonde and also darker brown streaks. The first thing people think about when they see Ms Agron's long hair is how healthy it appears.
She wears a flawless light toned foundation with concealor, smoky eyes, eyeliner, lashes and mascara. Her eyebrows are kept thin and her cheeks and forehead have dabs of blush/bronze. Her pretty natural lips look to have a transparent gloss applied.
Dianna Agron
Photo by PR Photos
Her beautiful dressy black dress is a real plus with the luster of her hair and her ravishing eyes.
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