Photos of Hairstyles for Guys (10)

Choosing a new hairstyle is a difficult decision, since it can completely alter one's appearance. Presently, there are almost as many variations of men’s haircuts as women’s and there is something for everyone. If you are in need of a new haircut, look no further. Check out these photos of awesome hairstyles for guys!
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  • Well-groomed look for boys
  • Presentable look with short gel styled hair for young men
  • Modern men's haircut for curly hair
  • 1970s look with a simple hairstyle for men
  • Choppy and informal men's haircut with bulk
  • Male hair brought over to one side
  • Boys haircut with bangs that cover the eyes
  • Haircut with long top hair for men
  • Male hair with a short tapered contour
  • Manly haircut with a sleek rockabilly quiff
  • Trendy sleek men's hair with drop shaped bangs
  • Modern men's haircut with shag elements
  • Sleek away from the face hair with gel for men
  • Men's style with choppy tousled hair
  • Short guys hairstyle with wispy bangs
  • Long and wild razor-cut hair for men
  • Long men's hairstyle with razor-cut finishing
  • Boys haircut with an elongated nape section
  • Long men's haircut with easy styling
  • Short haircut for a bad boy look
  • Collar cuffing haircut for men
  • Short over the ears men's hairstyle
  • Men's hairstyle with clipper cut sides and back
  • Haircut for a schoolboy look
  • Closely clipped hairstyle for men
  • Over the ears guys haircut with sideburns
  • Man with his hair styled closely to the head
  • Haircut for a modern day action man
  • 1930s retro inspired men's haircut
  • more men's hairstyles

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